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Mike Brown

Pest Specialist
Mike Brown

Meet Mike, our Pest Specialist who's been with us since 2017! Mike's favorite part of his job is everything! From clocking in, to traveling around, to spending time with his coworkers. When not at work he enjoys watching movies & tv, and spending time with his wife and kids!

"Go Green is a great place to work, grow and learn in the lawn industry. When you work at Go Green, you feel like more than just an employee or a co-worker, you feel like a member of a family" - Mike

  • Beach/Mountains: Mountains
  • Favorite Snack: Trail Mix
  • Favorite Season: Fall
  • What do you consider your spirit animal to be?: Gorilla
  • Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?: Early Bird
  • If you could have one of these superpowers, which would it be?: Flight

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