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How to Prevent Crabgrass and Other Weeds from Destroying Your Lawn This Summer

In fact, it’s the number one weed problem that most Pennsylvania homeowners face, and that can easily turn a lush, green lawn into something utterly repulsive by the end of the summer.

However, as an all natural lawn care services provider, we’re also here to tell you that crabgrass is 100% controllable. If you choose to apply the right herbicide at the right time of year, you can even kill any germinating crabgrass seedlings before they sprout from the soil.

The Crabgrass Life Cycle, and Why Early Spring is the Opportune Time for Prevention

If you didn’t know, crabgrass starts as seeds that grow in spring or early summer, die in the fall, and produce seed crops that are dormant throughout the winter. So, the crabgrass life cycle always starts when the seeds begin germinating in the spring. Therefore, if you want to get a head start on keeping your lawn in tip-top form, prevention starts as soon as spring arrives—or even before—if the weather is opportune.

How can Go Green Lawn Services help control crabgrass?

At Go Green Lawn Services, there’s nothing worse for us than seeing a residential lawn that’s had the life choked out of it and is crowded with crabgrass and other weeds. So, to prevent that from happening, our company uses the Holganix fertilizer approach to begin defending your lawn against weeds. Then, we will keep any weeds at bay by using the necessary pre and post-emergent biological treatments. Essentially, not only will our all natural products help to eliminate any weeds that have grown, but they will also aid in preventing the initial germination of a weed like crabgrass.

When it all comes down to it, preventing crabgrass before it starts will keep your lawn looking fresh all throughout the summer season. To learn more about the all natural lawn care services we offer in Kennett Square and many other areas of PA and DE, or how we can prevent crabgrass from growing, please browse our site, or give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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