Earth Day and How We Strive to Care for the Environment

Our slogan “making the grass greener and the environment cleaner” is not just a catchy phrase to market our services, it’s our company’s primary objective. It is who we are and what we do to make our business as environmentally conscious as possible. This Earth Day, we want to highlight the operations we have improved upon and shed light on some areas where we are striving to do better.  

Go Green!

Go Green Lawn Services, your go-to company for the best organic lawn care in Montgomery County, PA, started over seven years ago with the idea that we could provide better service with safer, more efficient products. Our supplies are free from unnecessary chemicals that have a negative impact on the health of your soil. We use only the best products, free from traditional chemicals like nitrates and phosphates, for our own families, children and pets, and we extend the same environmentally conscious service to every single customer as well. Often companies use harmful products for a quick fix that is temporary rather than finding long term solutions for healthy soil and a gorgeous, green lawn.

How We Can Help

Not only do we use organic-based fertilizer, grub control, and pH balance, but we also explore ways on the operation side of how we can improve our customer service with the least amount of negative repercussions to the environment. We are able to visit our customers less often than competitive lawn service companies and save fuel, due to our use of products that are effective for longer stretches of time than traditional chemicals.

Looking to the Future

We are switching to paperless invoices with most of our communication through phone or email. We want to get to a point where we don’t use any harmful chemicals in our weed control. In the future, scientific advances will lead to safer organic products for effective crabgrass and nutsedge removal and Go Green Lawn Care, who also specializes in flea treatment for your yard in Newtown, PA, will be at the forefront of the movement. For now, we will continue to use fewer harmful products in safer quantities, as well as practice positive cultural methods, including proper mowing heights and timing, spring and fall cleanups, and fall lawn aerating and seeding.

Join us at Go Green Lawn Services in our celebration of Earth Day and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you achieve a lush lawn that’s as healthy as it is beautiful!