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About Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Program Keeps Your Lawn Healthy With Solutions For: Bare Spots, Brown Spots, Color, Crabgrass, Disease, Lawn Care, Not Sure, Shaded Lawn, and Weeds

Solve All Your Lawn Care Needs

Our Lawn Care Program is here to counter any of the problems your lawn faces throughout the year. This eco-friendly solution uses fertilizer that is healthy for both your family and the environment. Turn to the experts at Go Green Lawn and Pest Control to check off all concerns you have about your yard.

Lawn Care Program Features:

All-Natural Products
No Binding Contracts
Monthly Treatments
Season-Specific Applications
Free Re-Treatments if Needed

Your Lawn Concerns

Helpful information detailing your lawn concerns and the best control methods.


King of Prussia

Honestly, the best customer service I’ve had in a long time, my grass is greener & way healthier now! Thank you so much!

What’s Included In Your Package?


We use Holganix fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to be healthy, green, and vibrant all year-round. 

Weed Control

We utilize pre-emergent herbicides to tackle unsightly weeds in your lawn and prevent their re-growth. 

Disease Control

We utilize fungicide treatments to keep your lawn in good health & prevent diseases throughout the year. 

Bundle Additional Services Today!

Mosquito Control

Our signature Mosquito Control service involves recurring treatments for your home throughout the year, reducing the mosquito population before it gets the chance to breed again. And, if you need a one-time mosquito service for a special occasion such as an outdoor party or BBQ, we can help with that too!

Aeration & Seeding

Want to make your lawn even healthier? Add our aeration & seeding services to your tree & shrub care package and the results will speak for themselves. Aeration is the process of relieving soil compaction throughout your grass, which allows extra oxygen and nutrients to reach deep into your lawn’s root system. This helps boost its strength, growth rate, and tolerance for harsh weather conditions. Once your lawn has been aerated, we’ll start our seeding process which involves laying down new, high-quality grass seed to promote new growth and give you a fuller, greener grass!

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What else do I need to know?

Solve All Your Lawn Care Needs

Whether it’s bare spots, overgrown weeds, or failed DIY fertilizers, we understand the frustrations of tackling issues in the lawn. Our comprehensive Lawn Care Program will solve all of your problems with treatments that are friendly for the environment and specific to the season. We’ll come out every month for treatments and we’ll even come back to re-treat if you aren’t satisfied. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control is dedicated to giving you the lawn of your dreams.


Sustainability for Every Season

  • Monthly treatments: We’ll provide treatments 12 times a year that are specific to the needs of your lawn. We will take into account the conditions of your lawn as well as the upcoming conditions that it might face to create a plan that is right for you.
  • Holganix fertilizer: This is an exclusive product that is eco-friendly. It stimulates your root system so your lawn is healthy from the ground up.

Botanical-based weed control: Broadleaf weeds run rampant in the area so Go Green Lawn and Pest Control uses our educational and practical knowledge of botany to control the weeds you are facing.



Leaders in the Green Lawn Care Movement

There’s an abundance of research proving the potential harm of chemical-based lawn care programs and upholding the benefits of the bionutritional approach. Many lawn care companies rely on the same quick-fix, man-made materials that ultimately disable soil’s ability to naturally thrive and handicap the local ecosystem. This blatant incongruence is what keeps Go Green dedicated to our fresh, responsible approach to developing beautiful lawns.

Pennsylvania and Delaware’s Most Honest Lawn Company

From management down, our people are dedicated to creating Pennsylvania’s and Delaware’s greenest, healthiest lawns through responsible, safe measures. We decided not to achieve surface-level results with synthetic products. We decided not to take the easy way out. We will always be honest with our practices on our mission to providing healthy lawns for both our customers and the environment.

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What are people saying about Us?

37 votes
Rating: 4.8

Honestly, the best customer service I’ve had in a long time, my grass is greener & way healthier now! Thank you so much!

207 votes
Rating: 4.9

Go Green always does a great job communicating when they will be performing the service and exactly what will be done. The technicians are friendly and are available to answer any questions you may have. I have been using the service for a couple of years now and my lawn has never looked better!

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