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Psst...Your Roots Are Showing!

It looks like you need a touch-up. Fertilization is the key to having a bright green, patchless yard. Getting there starts with giving your turf and soil what it needs, when it needs it. We provide your lawn with nutrients and protection through Holganix, an advanced, green line of products on the cutting edge of lawn care. With Go Green fertilization, you will get premium, people-focused care and a stunning turf with less chemicals than any other local provider.

Fertilizer & Nutrient Application

Every lawn needs to be fertilized - or fed - with essential nutrients, not with buckets of harmful synthetic products. Our Go Green fertilization plan utilizes Holganix, an organic biostimulant that naturally works to help nutrient uptake. You will trade exposure of gallons of nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals for just teaspoons with our hybrid approach. We care for your lawn with timely, organic treatments throughout the year that will not harm the environment.

Beat Delaware Valley Weeds

Weeds can choke the health of your lawn, crowding out deep root growth and interfering with water, sun, and nutrient intake. The Holganix fertilizer approach supports the best weed defense by creating a deep, web-like root system. But even the healthiest of lawns come under attack. We keep weeds at bay with timely pre and post-emergent biological treatments. These will not only work to eliminate your existing weeds but will also stop initial germination of weeds.

Maintain a Vibrant Lawn

We believe the best resistance to weeds, grubs and disease is healthy turf, root-to-blade. We transform your lawn through natural biostimulants so weeds, grubs, and diseases stand less of a chance. Our hybrid program consists of year-round treatments that employ weed, disease, and grub control as needed to keep interference at bay as we transform your turf.

How is Go Green Different?

The heart of our mission is what sets us apart. We’re not just relieving homeowners of lawn tasks and creating stunning yards. We are committed to a lawn care experience that relies on safer materials without compromising results. In fact, we are confident our natural fertilization program delivers better results than a chemically-driven one. You will get an environmentally responsible approach, along with care that makes you feel like a person, not just another stop on a technician’s route. Having a beautiful lawn and being eco-friendly has never been easier.

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