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Make Your Lawn Feel Young Again!

No one likes bald spots - especially your lawn! Is it suffering from grass loss? Is it creating a patchy effect for what should be a blanket of thick green in your yard? Our overseeding service can help. We take the guesswork out of this process, planting new grass seed each Fall to fill in thin areas and improve the density and color of your lawn.

Lawn Seeding & Bald Spot Treatment

It is often frustrating when your efforts to grow a thriving, healthy, green lawn are not rewarded. Our lawn overseeding service fills in areas of damaged turf, thickens thin lawns, and improves overall lawn health. We use professional-grade equipment, materials, and techniques not available to the general public. With experience producing results through overseeding in Northern Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania, we take the guessing out. We’ll get you the thick, even lawn you desire with just one treatment in the Fall. 

Revitalize Areas of Damaged Turf

Has drought, disease, grubs, or lack of consistent care left areas of your lawn looking thin? Go Green overseeding will concentrate on these damaged areas to revitalize them. Our lawn care professionals will identify areas of need and pay special attention throughout application. It’s our strategic approach that allows us to achieve carpet-like lawns for homeowners.

Thicken a Thin Lawn

We’ve all seen them. The flawless, perfectly green lawns. There are a number of “x factors” that contribute to their look, and one of them is the turfs even growth. Our overseeding is a focused treatment designed to create that effect. Say goodbye to frail-looking grass and hello to an enviable, even lawn in Northern Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania. With our overseeding treatment, not a single square inch of your lawn is ignored.

Professional Seeding, Superior Results

Overseeding is a more complex process than just sprinkling seed across your lawn. Successful overseeding requires knowledge, specialized equipment, and long-term care follow-through. Go Green does all of the above with our overseeding program. We understand optimal results for overseeding will take into account your climate and the grass type on your property. Our friendly technicians will analyze your lawn prior to treatment. This ensures the seed is applied according to the unique needs of your lawn.

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