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Bare Spots

Bare spots don't discriminate, with even the best-maintained lawns suffering from it. Bare spots can be caused by a variety of factors such as drought, regular foot traffic, pest or lawn infestations, chemical spills, disease, and more! Identifying why your yard is experiencing bare spots is the key to finding the proper fix.

If a bare spot is occurring because of foot traffic, consider installing a path or sidewalk. If bare areas are a result of disease or a pest infestation, it's best to seek out professional pest control before trying to grow new grass. Pet urine is another common cause of bare spots and puts a damper on new grass growth. Consider dedicating one spot in a less noticeable area of your yard for your pet to use as it's bathroom. 

Once you've identified and fixed bare areas, you can now grow new grass in these areas. For best long-term results, aeration and overseeding is the most effective way to restore thickness and color to your lawn.


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