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Brown Spots

Brown spots can be a frustrating site to discover in your yard and often have more than one cause. The first step to treating your yard is identifying what exactly is causing patchiness in your yard. Below are a few common causes for brown spot:

  • Fungus
    • Rain, humidity, and excess sunlight can cause the uproar in a fungal disease across your yard, leaving irregular, brown patches behind.
    • Professional anti-fungal treatments are recommended.
  • Grubs
    • Grubs bury below the soil and eat grass' roots, resulting in dead patches of grass around your yard, often uniform in size.
    • Professional pest treatment is recommended to eradicate and prevent the return of this pest.
  • Dog Urine
    • Chemicals found in dog urine can burn your grass, resulting in brown, circular spots across your lawn.
    • Try designating one specific, less noticeable area in your yard for your dog to use as its bathroom.
  • Foot Traffic
    • Foot traffic causes compaction, cutting off oxygen to your grass' roots, causing it to brown and eventually die.
    • Install a sidewalk or footpath for people to walk on, rather than on your grass.
  • Weeds
    • Weeds like crabgrass, bluegrass, and foxtail often kill grass as they grow back. Because these are annual weeds, this creates a yearly return of brown spots.
    • Professional weed control is recommended.
  • Thatch
    • Thatch is the build-up of debris and dead material, that prevents grass from getting water or food. The nutrient-starved grass begins to die, resulting in brown spots.
    • Professional aeration and seeding treatments are recommended.

Once you have solved the reason behind your yard's brown coloring, it is best to follow up with aeration and overseeding to restore the thickness and color to your lawn.


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