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Why use an eco-friendly lawn care company? Eco-friendly lawn care is often misunderstood as being lesser than or not as efficient. In reality, eco-friendly lawn care can offer the same great results as other harmful products, but with the added environmental benefit. When you choose a green company you can expect:

  • A healthier root system
    • Once weened off of synthetic chemicals, your yard will no longer be reliant on chemicals to grow and will begin to build a natural resiliency. This newfound resiliency will translate to the root system being able to naturally protect itself from drought and diseases in the future!
  • All treatments are child and pet-friendly
    • Every pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide is toxic to some degree. While children are still growing, so are their immune systems and toxic chemicals can prove extremely harmful to these underdeveloped organs. When using green-treatments, you never have to worry about your children or pets ingesting synthetic substances.
  • Products that don't damage the environment
    • It is important to note that any and everything you dump into your lawn can leach into the water table, potentially affecting public and private water sources. Using safe-treatments ensures the cleanliness of you and your neighbor's water.
  • Better longevity of your yard...naturally!
    • When looking at what nutrients your yard needs, consider a human diet. Humans are supposed to get a certain amount of Vitamin D in their diet every day. Which is the best method for reaching your goal: drinking 2 gallons of Sunny D or eating fruits and vegetables? The healthier option is obviously the best choice. When providing nutrients to your lawn, providing an eco-friendly, natural treatment is what your yard craves and ultimately offers the best long-term results!


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