Mosquito Lawn Prevention

If there is one insect that is more of an annoyance during the summertime than any other it has to be mosquitoes. Go Green Lawn Services specializes in mosquito prevention and mosquito control to make sure your yard is pest free. Not only does constantly swatting at mosquitos get tiring after a while, but mosquitoes can pose a threat, as they are the most disease-transmitting insect. Accounting for the spread of malaria, dengue and yellow fever, mosquitoes are responsible for the deaths of several million people through hundreds of millions of cases every year.

If your backyard in Kennett Square, Harleysville, Pottstown, or Willow Grove doesn’t have a mosquito problem now, consider yourself lucky, but the possibility is inevitable. The good news is, at Go Green Lawn Services we take a great passion in killing mosquitoes and providing the best mosquito treatment for your yard, making sure those pests don’t return.

The best way to remove unwanted mosquitoes from your backyard is with mosquito lawn treatment from Go Green Lawn Services. Take back control of your yard and your health with our outdoor mosquito yard spray. Our team will make sure your yard is treated with the safest and most dependable materials to make sure you have the best mosquito prevention in the neighborhood.

There are several simple tricks to you can try at home for mosquito control to make your summer evenings more enjoyable, such as:


mosquito prevention pottstown


Getting Rid Of Standing Water

Standing water in your backyard is the number one cause of mosquitoes. The mosquito life cycle has four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, which all occur in water, with the exception of the adult stage. Simply put, no water equals no mosquitoes.

When you spot that itchy bump on your arm or leg after a mosquito has feasted on your blood, the next thing the mosquito does is search for water to lay eggs. In just two weeks, a new adult mosquito will emerge!

You might think your backyard is safe and would never need mosquito lawn treatment because you don't have a pool or any signs of water, but a mosquito can lay its eggs in something as small as a plastic bottle cap.

One of the trickiest things when it comes to mosquito prevention is that the problem can come from outside of your property. Something as simple as a clogged drain or gutters can make your street a perfect area for mosquitoes.


Cut Back Vegetation

Mosquitoes feast on the nectar of plants when they are looking to suck your blood. If your back yard in Kennett Square, Harleysville, Pottstown, or Willow Grove has tall grass, shrubs or bushes, there’s a good chance a group of mosquitoes is waiting right around the corner.

By mowing your lawn and eliminating excess shrubbery you can help greatly with mosquito prevention. By making sure no grass clippings or piles of leaves are left in your backyard also serve as a good way to combat having mosquito treatment for your yard done.


Try Professional Mosquito Control

If you feel that you have tried all the methods around to eliminate mosquitoes but still seem to be getting attacked every time you are in your backyard, don't hesitate to bring in the professionals. At Go Green Lawn Services, we can help eliminate your mosquito, as well as any other insect, problems.

We can use our mosquito yard spray on your back and front yards, along with a barrier of EPA approved sprays that kill adult mosquitoes and larvicides that kill mosquitoes in the larvae stage.

So give the organic lawn care professionals a call today to enjoy a more relaxing tomorrow (610)-285-7947. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!