All Natural Lawn Care Services

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At Go Green Lawn Services, you can trust we don’t use synthetic fertilizers and chemicals in lawn care programs. Instead, our lawn care services in Harleysville are entirely organic and 100% guaranteed. You can have confidence in knowing that our crew is passionate about improving the curb appeal of our clients’ properties in an all-natural way. Plus, our organic lawn care programs ensure your yard is safe and healthy for loved ones all year round.


More and more residents throughout Harleysville are choosing organic lawn care services instead of conventional treatment. By developing a better understanding of the health and safety concerns associated with the use of traditional lawn care methods, as well as the impact these methods have on the environment, there’s an increasing demand for a more natural approach to lawn care. Here at Go Green Lawn Services, we’ve decided to provide that all-natural option by using Holganix products. Our organic lawn care services in Harleysville include:


●All-Natural Fertilization

●Core Aeration

●Lawn Seeding

●Flea & Tick Control


Lawn Care Program


Feel confident your lawn is protected with eco-friendly fertilizers

When you choose the pros at Go Green Lawn Services, you can trust that your yard will soon be in excellent shape! Our completely organic fertilization service is designed around keeping your lawn healthy and green, without leaving an environment footprint behind. We’re committed to helping you make your lawn look as green as possible, but still safe for your children and pets to play. Don’t wait any longer! Call us for a free estimate. Your backyard will be thriving in no time!


Rest assured that our aeration service will rejuvenate your lawn 

It’s not uncommon for soil to get compressed so tightly that the essential nutrients and water barely reach your lawn’s roots. To ensure our fertilizers are doing what they’re designed to do, we offer core aeration services for your property. By allowing the ground to breathe and the fertilizer to permeate deeper into the soil, it will stimulate growth and improve the long-term health of your lawn.


Don’t worry about bald spots, we’ll seed your lawn when necessary

If you’ve noticed that your lawn seems a little patchy or bare, our crew has a solution. By requesting our overseeding service, we’ll fill in areas that have been affected by foot traffic or harsh weather. Our lawn care specialists in Harleysville use professional-grade tools to ensure the seeding has been distributed evenly throughout your lawn. When the seeds take root, you’ll enjoy a much thicker, healthier lawn that you can be proud of.


Take advantage of the outdoors, without annoying fleas and ticks

Stop worrying about fleas and ticks. The preventative pest solutions available through Go Green Lawn Services utilize an all-natural guard that protects your family, friends and guests from potentially harmful pests. When you choose our flea and tick control application, you can spend more time in your backyard and less time worrying about itchy flea bites and Lyme Disease.


Be the envy of your neighbors when you turn to Go Green Lawn Services

By eliminating synthetic fertilizers and chemicals from your lawn care program, you’ll enjoy a much healthier and greener property. This way, you’ll feel more confident about inviting over friends, family and other guests to relax comfortably in your outdoor paradise. With a lawn as beautiful as yours will be, neighbors will be determined to know your secrets. They won’t have any clue that you chose the progressive method of treating your lawn with all natural products.


To learn more about our lawn care program details, explore our website or contact us for a free estimate today!