Local Organic Lawn Care

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What does a lawn say about a home?

As the first thing that guests, neighbors and passersby see -- a great deal.

Those bald patches, brown spots or the general disarray of an unkempt lawn can give any and all who happen by your property to get the wrong impression. A sprawling, thick lawn filled with bright green can give all who visit your property a pleasant reassurance.


While having a beautiful lawn and being the talk of the block is a worthwhile goal, most find that the actual trouble of lawn maintenance can be too much of a time sink. Providing the best organic lawn care can take hours and maintaining it year-round requires spending that time outside in extreme heat or frigid temperatures.

Go Green Lawn Services provides residential and company lawn services in Wilmington, DE and to the local areas. With unsurpassed all natural services, thousands have called upon us to rescue their properties from falling into an unwanted state. We’ve proudly turned browned and thin lawns into dense fields of green thanks to our fertilization and core aeration services.


Neighborhood Lawn Services

 Our company services neighborhoods throughout Delaware and Southern PA. Our organic lawn care is a more ethical, safer means of maintaining a properties greenery versus other methods more dangerous to the environment that involve dangerous pesticides.

Go Green Lawn Services provides tree and shrub maintenance in addition to lawn care. Our tailored landscaping approach enables homeowners to give their properties an extra layer of character and personalization, one that looks its best throughout the entire year. The maintenance program helps to ward off pests and disease, increasing the overall health of a property and even its market value.


Our fertilization and nutrient services help make lawns look their best, giving them the touch up they desperately need. Fertilizer is often what makes the difference between sparse grass and a thick, bright lawn. Nutrients work by enriching the existing turf and helping to protect it against pests, disease and other dangers.  Using Holganix, properly fertilizing lawns no longer takes gallons of phosphates and other chemicals, but instead teaspoons of this organic compound.

Another service our company offers is core aeration. Core aeration reverses the effect of hundreds or thousands of footsteps on your lawn. By aerating the soil, grass is able to take up more air and spread roots more easily, resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn.


Your Resource For Effective Organic Lawn Care In Wilmington, DE

Go Green Lawn Care helps homeowners and business owners find the programs and treatments that rejuvenate their properties, giving their exterior appearance something that will impress neighbors and visitors. By changing lawns and shrubs one property at a time, we’ve built our reputation around work that people can’t help but ask about.

We offer free estimates to any and all properties in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding areas. With more than 50 customer testimonials on Angie’s list, many have shared their positive experience, something that we represent when we work on every property.

 For any questions about our lawn care program details or to request a free estimate, contact us