Prevent Damage & Discomfort With Perimeter Treatments

If you don’t have pest problems now, you will–it’s inevitable. Ants parading across the floor. Roaches scurrying across the ceiling. Centipedes casually making their way through the carpet.  It goes unsaid that pest infestations are unsettling. We believe the disruption pests can cause to your family’s lifestyle shouldn’t be minimized. In fact, we are so passionate about you living a pest-free life that we have constructed a service for it. Our perimeter pest control service is preventative, so you never have to deal with them inside your home.

Perimeter Pest Applications


We are firm believers in proactive prevention. And you should be, too. It’s logical: why treat for pests after they have crossed into your home when you can keep them out in the first place? That’s the goal of our Perimeter Pest Control service. We will protect you, and your family, pets, and friends. It’s a non-invasive treatment that controls Pennsylvania’s broad variety of household pests. And the shield we build around your home stays up – all year-round.

Get Rid of Pests With Less Pesticides

Concerned about the safety of treatment? We know. Go Green takes a simple approach to pest control that aligns with our mission. A mission to deliver safer, environmentally-responsible services without sacrificing efficacy. Our Perimeter Pest Control program reduces insecticide use with targeted, strategic applications around your home. We’re skilled in maximizing results and minimizing waste. With direct, careful applications, it’s a highly effective control option with shockingly low environmental impact.

Strategic, Targeted Applications

You need a plan to keep pests out that enhances your lifestyle rather than hinders it. Our treatments never require us to enter your home. So, go on with life as usual. There’s no vacating, no indoor baits, and no residual chemicals. We make it easy for you to lead a pest-free lifestyle with four clean, targeted applications every year. And, they’re biologically driven. This means our application plan is timed according to the natural rhythms of pest risks in southern Pennsylvania northern Delaware. Total coverage and zero pests, in every season.