Get a 100% All-Natural, Beautiful Lawn

Did you know that there are eco-friendly lawn care options in Chester Springs that are just as effective as traditional treatments, but safer for your family?

In fact, due to the unpredictability of application, conventional methods actually have a better chance of causing your lawn to look lackluster. Many of your neighbors are selecting organic options at the grocery store or farmer’s market – so why not go green with your yard? 

Organic Lawn Care in Chester Springs

We know that your family’s health is your top priority. At Go Green Lawn Services, we have a commitment to providing healthier, eco-friendly products and services to ensure your family is receiving the safest, most effective option available. Not only will you find that your Chester Springs yard is greener and healthier, but you will also feel good about reducing your environmental footprint by selecting a company that uses all-natural fertilizers and treatments. We are certain you will love the results when you select our company to care for your lawn. 

Stimulate lawn growth with reduced-risk solutions

With Go Green, you can enjoy your lawn to the fullest knowing we provide eco-friendly services that meet all of your needs:

A greener lawn through sustainable fertilization

We use Holganix, a natural bio-stimulant that allows nutrients to get where they are most needed – your lawn’s roots. Not only are bio-stimulant fertilizers more effective in Chester Springs, but they have the added benefit of preventing the annoying weeds locals loathe. Our fertilizers encourage healthy soil and increase the strength of your lawn’s roots – making the blades more resilient to fungus, weeds, and even drought conditions.

Safer solutions to your pest problems

An added benefit of having stronger roots is that they are more resilient to – and even deter – common pests in our area without disturbing helpful insects like bees and ladybugs. This allows you to avoid the potentially harmful insecticides, while still eliminating fleas and other persistent insects that can cause discomfort and spread disease. 

A healthier lawn through aeration 

When you use certain areas of your lawn often, the soil becomes compacted, making it resistant to water and essential nutrients. This can prevent roots from taking hold in the soil, and cause your lawn to start looking lackluster. We use a professional-grade aerator tool to get down into the soil and break it up, allowing for thicker, better-looking lawn. 

Additionally, if you have old, matted grass on top of your soil and fresh growth, it can interfere with the way your lawn’s roots absorb water and nutrients. Our Chester Springs core aeration service can also provide a great home for those pests you try to avoid. 

Get the lawn of your dreams with the help of Go Green professionals

Everyone in Chester Springs hopes for a lush, green yard to enjoy all season long. At Go Green Lawn Care Services, we can help! Our organic lawn care services will help you get the most out of your outdoor space, and become the envy of your neighbors. Talk to one of our friendly technicians today for a free estimate!