Exceptional Pest Control in Coatesville

If pests have you feeling unwelcome in your own home, it’s time to let the professionals take care of business. Our pest control in Coatesville works hard to reclaim your home using safe, long-lasting techniques.

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Natural Products

Quick-fix, man-made materials can hurt the environment and damage your soil. Here at Go Green, we utilize natural products that will give your lawn the best results.


No Contracts

When you partner with Go Green, you are not locked into a contract. You’ll want to work with us not out of necessity, but because of the results we deliver!

Free Re-Treatments

We do our best to satisfy every customer, but if we miss the mark and problems persist, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

Pest Control in Coatesville

No one wants to share their homes with pests, but it still happens. While DIY methods may seem like the timely solution you need, they’re often ineffective and fail to eliminate pests at their source, wasting your time and money. Instead of attempting to tackle pests on your own, trust our hassle-free pest control in Coatesville.

Protection from Common Pests

Whether your pest problem is indoors or out and whether they crawl or fly, our Coatesville pest control can handle it all! Our exterminators will use minimally-invasive means to protect your home from a variety of common pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Moles
  • And more!

Family-Friendly Relief from Pests

Local Exterminators for Local Pests

No one understands your pest problems better than us. As a pest control company in West Chesterour Coatesville exterminators are highly-trained locals who have hands-on experience with whatever’s bugging you, allowing them to give you unparalleled care. We’re dedicated to helping our neighbors achieve pest-free homes, and it shows in everything we do. When you choose Go Green Lawn and Pest Control, you’re choosing a company that always has your best interests at heart.

Mosquito Control in Coatesville

Comprehensive & Family-Friendly Mosquito Control Treatments

Mosquitoes can transmit various diseases, such as Yellow fever and Malaria. At Go Green, we want to protect you and your family to keep you safe and healthy! We use eco-friendly treatments to eliminate mosquito populations around your property for quality, low-risk mosquito control. When treating your property, our mosquito exterminators never put you, your family, or the environment at risk. 

When you choose Go Green Lawn and Pest Control for mosquito control in Coatesville, you are guaranteed the following:

  • The application of liquid treatment around your property by our expert technicians in Coatesville for preventative mosquito control.
  • Treatments that target mosquitoes from larvae to adults for long-term relief.
  • The use of eco-friendly solutions to eliminate mosquitoes from your property and prevent a resurgence without harm to you, your family, or the environment.
  • An extra layer of mosquito protection around your yard for year-long protection!
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Are your lawn care efforts not producing the results you expect? We can help nurture your lawn back to health.

Is your lawn suffering after a long, hot summer? With our annual aeration and seeding service, we’ll bring your lawn back to life!

You’ve invested time and effort into the crowning jewels of your landscape, but trees and shrubs require time-consuming maintenance!

You and your family should be able to enjoy your backyard without getting eaten alive — and with our help, you will. 

With our proven, eco-safe pest control, your family will receive quick relief and much-needed comfort.