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Get the Best Bushes on the Block

Your neighbors will be jealous of your perfectly trimmed trees and shrubs. They are the crowning gems of your landscape. They provide height, variety, and greatly benefit the overall beauty of your property. So you planted them to achieve a certain look. But now you have to attend them. Many homeowners don’t realize the time it takes to care for these plants, nor the knowledge required to ensure that care is effective. Go Green’s Tree & Shrub program protects plants from disease and insects, and nourishes them to their greenest, liveliest state.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

In the busyness of life, the trees and shrubs homeowners optimistically invest in often times eventually get ignored. What was originally intended to add beauty and depth to your yard now seems like a chore that never gets completed. Sound familiar? With Go Green, you can give your plants the attention they need to reach their full potential. From feeding your plants to protecting them against risks, we take care of it all. The result? Less worry for you, thriving trees and shrubs, and an enhanced look for your entire property.

Prevent Insects and Disease

There are many enemies that threaten trees and shrubs health and aesthetics in Delaware and Pennsylvania. But researching which you should treat for, how, and when can be very difficult unless you have to knowledge to know what to look for. We’ll take care of it. Through extensive knowledge of agronomics and plant biology, there’s no guessing in the picture. Your plants will be properly protected in every season.

Year-Round Pennsylvania & Delaware Tree & Shrub Care

We offer year-round care for trees and shrubs because we understand their needs. This all-in-one program provides growth-stimulating nutrients, protects from disease, and fights against insects. We tailor this standard care to the unique needs of the ornamentals in your property. Because Go Green nourishes these plants to optimal health, maximizing their beauty and longevity, you’ll get the most out of your original investment.

Tailored Landscaping Approach

At Go Green, we understand some homeowners may want to give their plants extra attention. We offer custom plans and additional services, as well as our standard year-round tree and shrub care program. If you’re not sure what’s best for your property, don’t sweat it. We are dedicated to leveraging our knowledge and expertise to make tree and shrub care easy for homeowners. A technician will inspect your landscape and guide you towards a plan that’s right for your needs, budget, and goals.

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