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Are your trees and shrubs getting the professional attention they deserve?

We’re here to help! Maintaining your plants can be hard work, so we developed a tree and shrub care program to make it hassle-free for Phoenixville homeowners like you. If you want to take pride in your landscape and feel good about helping preserve the community, you can count on us to provide the all-natural treatments your plants need to flourish. Isn't it time you had a well-maintained landscape?

Tree & Shrub Care in Phoenixville, PA

Phoenixville Tree & Shrub Care

Everything You Need For a Beautiful Landscape 

For trees and shrubs to thrive in the Pennsylvania climate, they require specialized care. Our tried and tested treatment program ensures your ornamental trees and shrubs receive the nutrients and protection necessary throughout the growing season. Starting with an initial assessment of your yard, our technicians will determine the specific needs of your landscape. Then we'll implement a comprehensive all-in-one program focusing on the following:

  • Year-round maintenance
  • Growth-stimulating nutrients
  • Disease protection
  • Insect control
  • And more!

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Our Eco-Friendly Products

Here at Go Green, we do our part to contribute to a cleaner environment. Our Holganix products are plant-based, meaning they are both organic and effective! By using these products, we lessen the use of synthetic fertilizer by 90% while nourishing your trees and shrubs at the same time. As a result, your vibrant landscape will exceed your expectations.

Enhance the Value of Your Property, Without the Hassle!

With our treatment program, tree and shrub care maintenance is easier than you ever thought possible. Not only will we give you the landscape of your dreams, we'll do it in the simplest way possible. After all, here at Go Green Lawn Services, customer service is the foundation of our business. We'll even work around your schedule so you can focus on what needs to get done in your life--while enjoying the best yard on the block!