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Trees and shrubs add diversity, harmony, and overall value to your landscape. But they also require close attention to stay healthy and well maintained. So, you value these essential elements in your landscape. But you don’t have the extra time. With Go Green tree and shrub care you will get total care, individualized to each plant, from knowledgeable, efficient experts.

Tree & Shrub West Chester

West Chester Tree & Shrub Care

Much like various types of grass, plants require individualized, year-round attention to reach full potential. That’s why we have built our West Chester tree and shrub care to provide nutrients and protection for each and every plant in your yard. Every Go Green tree & shrub care program begins with an initial inspection. It’s how we determine the exact care your plants need. No more struggling trees and shrubs in West Chester. Just strong, healthy, protected plants, all year-round.

Natural Treatments Your Landscape will Love

At Go Green, we are committed to safer, environmentally-responsible care just as much as we are committed to your satisfaction. In fact, we believe our unique approach produces better results than chemically-based treatments. Our West Chester tree & shrub care utilizes Holganix, a natural biostimulant that works to lessen synthetic fertilizer use up to 90%. Plus, our insect and disease control methods use biological controls, not chemical sprays, to better preserve our community. 

Spend More Time and Energy on What Matters

Tree and shrub care has to be focused and knowledge-driven to produce greatest effects. This means hours of research, time in the yard, and more money spent on select products, especially if you’re committed to a green, organic approach. With Go Green’s reliable services and knowledgeable technicians, you can relax and know your landscape is taken care of. Our friendly team will gladly answer any questions you have along the way. We will keep you informed as we care for your investments and create a landscape you will love.

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