Why is Leaf Removal Important for Lawn Health?

Fall leaves provide so much pleasure. Every year, the vivid red, orange, and gold colors bursting from trees throughout the Northeast region create such a gorgeous spectacle that people get in their cars and drive for miles just to take it all in.

Later in the season, when those leaves break free and tumble to the ground, children run outdoors to frolic in the piles collecting throughout the neighborhood.

As much as people enjoy the leaves, they aren’t so lovely for your lawn. At Go Green Lawn Services, leading providers of core aeration services in Willow Grove, PA, and the surrounding area, we recommend clearing leaves from your property throughout the fall season in order to promote optimal lawn health.

A blanket of leaves can lead to lawn damage, and the thicker that blanket grows over time, the more damage is done. Here are a few reasons regular leaf removal is important for the health of your lawn:

  • Leaves block the sun. Grass needs sunlight to help process essential nutrients that help it grow strong and thick, and in the fall, the grass absorbs the sunlight and stores it as food so it can survive the winter. 
  • Leaves stifle the flow of oxygen. Grass produces oxygen through photosynthesis, thus playing a crucial role in our environment and keeping the air we breathe fresh and clean. 
  • Leaves collect moisture. The longer you leave piles of leaves lying on the lawn through all kinds of weather conditions, you could be creating a breeding ground for fungus. The rot caused by fungus can be extremely difficult to remedy.
  • Leaves bring bugs. You don’t want to make your lawn into a comfy winter home for insects!

It’s important to remove leaf cover regularly throughout the fall and not just wait until the trees are completely bare to do the job. Also, be sure to remove leaves before they begin to break down; your lawn will thank you!

The team at Go Green is here to help if you have any questions about proper fall lawn maintenance.

What to Do With Your Leaves

We don’t recommend burning your leaves, for safety reasons and as a favor to your neighborhood environment. Instead, the leaves you remove from your lawn can be used to create a homemade compost heap. Broken-down leaves enrich the soil organically and can help to foster a healthy, fertile garden without the need for expensive store-bought compost. Start building your compost heap now and reap all the benefits when spring comes around.

For more information about how you can promote a healthy, lush lawn during the cold weather months or to inquire about organic flea treatment for your yard in Pottstown, PA, or any of the neighboring communities, contact Go Green Lawn Services today.