About Go Green Lawn Services

Our Mission & Vision

Since the time Go Green was founded, our vision has stemmed from a simple observation: traditional fertilizers and herbicides have proven harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, and lawn care companies have not responded. This led Andrew Gabries, company president, to envision a lawn care experience for homeowners that was safe, dependent on natural materials, and didn’t compromise results. The outcome was Go Green’s safe, natural lawn care services. With our fresh approach, seamless process, and dramatic results, Pennsylvania & Delaware homeowners can delight in a thick, green lawn – all while contributing to a healthier world.

Our People & Products

From management down, our people are dedicated to creating Pennsylvania and Delaware’s greenest, healthiest lawns through responsible, safe measures. We decided not to achieve surface-level results with synthetic products. We decided not to take the easy way out. When we discovered Holganix, a line of all-natural, organic biostimulants, we knew we’d found a product just as revolutionary as our vision. We combine this natural line with radical customer centricity and personalized attention to create more responsible, beautiful lawns than anyone else in Pennsylvania or Delaware.

Leaders in the Green Lawn Care Movement

There’s an abundance of research proving the potential harm of chemical-based lawn care programs and upholding the benefits of the bionutritional approach. Society at large and individuals are increasingly more conscientious of their impact on the environment. Moreover, there’s an undercurrent in the government leaning toward stricter environmental regulations. Yet still many lawn care companies rely on the same quick-fix, man-made materials that ultimately disable soil’s ability to naturally thrive and handicap the local ecosystem. This blatant incongruency is what keeps Go Green dedicated to our fresh, responsible approach to developing beautiful lawns.