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Lawn Seeding & Lawn Aeration

Is your PA, MD, NJ, or DE lawn struggling after a long hot summer? If the answer is yes, your lawn could probably benefit from our professional lawn aeration and overseeding services near you. Done typically once a year, in late summer and early fall, these services combined can bring your turf back to life and give it what it needs to sustain its health through winter.

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Lawn Seeding & Lawn Aeration Near Me

Lawn aeration and seeding typically go hand-in-hand as part of a well-rounded lawn maintenance program. It allows your turf to breathe while providing the necessary growth to create a thick, green lawn in the long run. As the summer wears on, your grass usually becomes compacted, leading to dead grass and blocked nutrients. Fall core aeration and seeding are vital to let your lawn breathe while preparing it for the next step in its life cycle! Whether you want to know how to do aeration and seeding, or you want to learn about the different types of aeration, Go Green has you covered!

Our Lawn Aeration Services Near You

Foot traffic and other environmental factors can wear out your grass — causing compression over time. Relieving your lawn of this compaction can cause more damage if done incorrectly, but not when you choose Go Green for lawn aeration services. Go Green experts will break through the layer of thatch, remove small plugs of soil, and deposit them back on the surface.

  • The ability to breathe after a full summer of compaction.
  • Room to stretch out its roots — a process that is important in continued growth.
  • A return to health before winter comes so a fresh spring lawn is possible.

Through our services, we create deep pathways for essential nutrients, water, and oxygen — and we do so without taking away any nutrients or damaging your yard. We use innovative lawn aerators for deep, even penetration, paying attention to high-traffic areas and areas of elevated thatch build-up. Our experts in the mid-atlantic region have you covered for lawn aeration and seeding. Learn when to aerate your lawn in PA, and call us at 610-285-7947 to learn more!

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Go Green Lawn and Pest Control understands that it’s an investment to have the best yard in the neighborhood. We’ll send an expert lawn care technician to your home to give you a free quote on aeration and seeding services. This will allow you to soak in the information needed before moving ahead on saying, “yes” to having the greenest lawn around!

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Our Lawn Seeding Services Near You

A lawn is a living being that ages just like people do. Without proper annual care, your turf will start showing its age with brown, bare spots where thick grass once was. Done in conjunction with core aeration, overseeding is a great way to fill in your grass’s bald spots. Areas of your damaged turf will be filled in, your thin lawns will be thickened, and your lawn will start looking like a young, vibrant yard once again! 

The benefits of our lawn seeding service include:

Leave Core Aeration to the Professionals

Without proper equipment and in-depth knowledge of aeration, you could be doing more harm than good by removing thatch build-up. Let the experts who know best take over so that no extra damage and nutrient loss occurs. With Go Green’s core aeration services, the task of revitalizing your grass is a weight lifted off your shoulders. Aerate your lawn with help from our team today!

Get a Professional Lawn Evaluation

The concept of overseeding may seem less complex than it is. The process of successful overseeding requires in-depth knowledge, specialized equipment, and long-term maintenance. With Go Green’s expert overseeding program, you can trust that we are doing it right. We perform a thorough lawn evaluation before treatment taking into account your unique property and climate, so your landscape gets specialized, custom care. ​

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