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We use our industry expertise and our knowledge of the local environment to design a custom approach to solving your lawn care and pest control needs. You can support a local family-owned small business and get the results you’ve been hoping for by getting started with one of our eco-friendly programs today! Plus, if your lawn could use some help this fall, our aeration and seeding team are here to help.  Get your free quote today!

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Since the time our company was founded, we have been dedicated to preserving our community through eco-friendly treatments while providing much-needed, hassle-free lawn care services to families in the area. With Go Green Lawn and Pest Control by your side, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are being treated with eco-friendly products and reap the benefits of a healthy lawn.

Ensuring Sustainability Each Season of the Year

Lawn care is an ongoing, high-maintenance responsibility. Lawns require certain treatments and care based on the season. Proper, high-quality care of a lawn throughout the entire year is necessary to keep it thriving and healthy no matter what the season. Let Go Green take this responsibility off your hands for good with lawn services that include: 

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Get The Best Lawn Aeration and Seeding This Year

​Your lawn is a living, breathing thing.  As is with every living organism, it needs to be fed.  We provide the essential nutrients and biostimulants your lawn periodically needs to thrive and live a long healthy life. Our eco-friendly applications not only make your lawn healthy and beautiful on the surface, but also help your root system grow deep, stronger, and more complex.

The key to the success of your lawn depends on a custom approach to not only what we feed and nourish your lawn with, but also how we keep unwanted weeds from choking the life out of your lawn on the surface and crowding the root system.  Every lawn has its own unique, pesky population of weeds.  We inspect and evaluate your lawn on every single visit to make sure we are applying the most effective products to rid your lawn of its weeds and keep your lawn healthy!

​We understand grubs that are unique to the the northeast region.  Our products will effectively prevent these grubs from reaching the life stage in which they feed on the root system of your grass and leave behind dead, brown patches of lawn.  In addition to solving your grub issues, we also treat when appropriate for surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworms. Don’t let insects suck the life out of your lawn, team up with Go Green today!

​Turf disease is becoming more and more common in our area due to the northern rise of warmer climate zones.  With warmer nighttime weather comes an increased risk for turf disease.  Turf disease can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  In general, our worries are focused on the fungus that feeds on your blades of grass (brown patch, dollar spot, powdery mildew, etc.), and/or root system, and rapidly spread throughout your lawn.  Many of these fungi can quickly erase years of hard work and investments made in your lawn.  Lawns are naturally full of fungi that cause no harm to your grass. 

However, given the right conditions (warm, wet nights) these fungi and spores can develop into harmful lawn diseases.  Our disease control program consists of 4 applications of a highly effective fungicide, as well as a complex blend of micronutrients, that in combination will cure, prevent, and repair damage done by turf disease.  Our local golf courses spend upwards of 70% of their annual turf care budgets on these exact programs.  If you want your lawn to be protected, and have that golf course quality look, our disease control program is a must-have!  

​No good lawn care program is complete without high-quality fall aeration and seeding service.  We use only the best equipment available on the market today to thoroughly aerate your lawn. In combination with our top-of-the-line equipment, we use premium-grade grass seed. Our grass seed is grown just for us each year and is meticulously maintained to be certified as 100% weed-free.  We are incredibly proud of the quality of product we use on our lawns, so in order to maximize the result, we also apply a starter fertilizer to complete your seeding.  Your lawn is only as good as the quality of grass seed you receive, and that is why Go Green lawns notoriously look the best! Learn more about our aeration and seeding in PA, DE, NJ, and MD.

Save our planet and preserve your community with the best lawn care around!

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