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Tree Services & Shrub Care in MD, PA, NJ, & DE

While trees and shrubs can revitalize your lawn, improve aesthetics, and increase your home’s value, keeping them healthy is often daunting. Caring for grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs in your lawn requires professional knowledge and a well-thought-out routine. At Go Green Lawn And Pest Control, we provide professional tree care to help you maintain healthy trees throughout the year. Our tree and shrub care services are customized to meet your needs and deal with local challenges.

Who Needs Tree/Shrub Care?

Anyone with a yard or lawn can do with professional tree care services. Tree care and shrub care services involve hiring experienced professionals to take care of the trees and shrubs in your yard. Proper tree and shrub care is essential for promoting their longevity, preventing diseases, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and ensuring safety.

Go Green Lawn And Pest Control offers professional tree care to homeowners and businesses. They can plant, treat, and maintain different species of grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs.

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Our Tree and Shrub Care Services

Go Green Lawn And Pest Control provides a wide range of professional shrub care and tree care services. We have tree and shrub care specialists that will keep your ornamentals protected from disease and insects and nourished to perfection!

Our tree management services cover residential and commercial properties and offer guaranteed results. We’ve served clients for over 25 years, so you can trust us to take good care of your trees and shrubs. Whether you need arborist consultation or solutions for your new yard, we’re here to help. Here are some of our local tree care services:

Pest and Disease Control

Trees and shrubs offer habitats and food to various wildlife and pests. Our tree disease treatment focuses on eliminating the threat of common pests and diseases. We offer pest control services for various threats, including aphids, emerald ash borers, birch bores, elm leaf beetles, spider mites, pine sawflies, and other tree pests.

We also treat common diseases like apple scab, canker, fire blight, Dutch elm disease, maple tree decline, rust, winter desiccation, verticillium wilt, and more. You’ll get expert tree care consulting to help you find the most practical and effective solutions for local pests and diseases.

Tree/Shrub Planting & Seeding

If you’re working with a new yard, that has newly planted trees, or wanting to replace fallen trees, we can help you plant sustainable species with low maintenance requirements. Our experienced arborists know the best trees for different soils and climates, so you can trust us to meet your needs. We prioritize client needs and provide tree nutritional services to ensure your plants become strong and healthy.

You can get expert arborist consultation and determine the best species for your yard. We can help you plant, feed, and grow healthy trees and shrubs with little to no effort.

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Ready to invest in your trees and shrubs?

Go Green’s tree and shrub care services are proudly served in communities near you.

Seasonal Tree Care

Seasonal tree care services are important to rejuvenate the look of your yards. Summer heat can lead to wilting to prevent water loss, and winter also takes its toll on your trees and shrubs.

Our seasonal tree and shrub care services involve thorough inspection, trimming/pruning, aeration, and seeding. The goal is to restore the previous look and give your plants the boost they need to reach their full potential. Here are some tips we recommend for seasonal tree care:

  • Fall Fertilization: Summer months take a toll on your trees. Continue to feed your trees overs the winter by providing a slow-release fertilizer will help replace nutrients and help reduce dangers like: insects, diseases and other environmental hazards.
  • Planting: Fall is the ideal time to plant new trees. Temperatures are cooler and less stress on the tree. Make sure to refresh your mulch to help retain moisture and soil temperatures for your trees.
  • Hydration: Making sure your trees are well-hydrated throughout the freezing winter months.
  • Inspect: Make sure to inspect your trees prior to the winter months. You will want to look for: Safety hazards, disease damage and mushrooms.

Our tree specialists can also help trees recover after terrible storms and heavy downpours.

We also offer lawn seeding services to keep your grass lush and beautiful after harsh summers and winters.

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