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Mosquito Control Services In MD, PA, NJ & DE

Mosquito bites can be itchy and infectious. Besides being a summer nuisance, the pesky insect can cause malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. Mosquitos also breed in various areas, including behind vegetation, clogged gutters, stagnant water, and plastic bottle caps. As such, eliminating them is almost only possible with professional help.

You need comprehensive mosquito control from leading exterminators. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control is the solution you’ve been looking for with highly effective, environmentally-friendly mosquito control. We offer professional lawn, pest & mosquito control services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

         Residential Mosquito Control

Go Green Lawn and Pest Control offers a holistic approach to removing and controlling mosquitoes. Our residential mosquito control services involve thorough inspection, elimination, protection, and maintenance. We will start by inspecting all areas where mosquitoes breed and rest.

Our team is experienced in yard mosquito control and knows all the breeding locations to target. We also offer backyard mosquito control, including customized treatments to reduce identified populations. Our treatment plans are effective and begin working immediately.

Following inspection, we’ll develop a customized plan featuring weather-resistant mosquito treatment. You can also sign up for regular lawn mosquito control services offered during mosquito seasons in your area. Our residential mosquito control includes Mosquito spraying applications that offer preventative barriers and comprehensive treatment to eliminate mosquitos across all life stages, from larvae to adults. We use EPA-approved sprays that are safe for the environment but tough on mosquitos and other pesky flying insects.

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Trusted Treatment Plans

Go Green Lawn And Pest Control mosquito control services are designed to eliminate the nuisance without harming the environment. We prioritize Trusted pest control measures, including preventative and maintenance practices that help to keep populations low.

Our mosquito control experts only use sprays when necessary. We’ll inspect the area for standing water, tires, buckets, toys, birdbaths, pools, planters, trash containers, and flower pot saucers. Mosquitos lay eggs on water, so you must empty, scrub, cover, turn over, or throw out any sources of stagnant water.

Trusted mosquito control emphasizes preventive measures like mesh and lawn upkeep to reduce populations. We also offer larvicides to kill larvae in breeding grounds, and spray foggers in the dark, humid areas where they rest. At Go Green, we provide customized mosquito control solutions that address your needs while protecting the environment and other biodiversity.

In addition to reducing the number of mosquitos, our team will provide helpful resources and insights to keep mosquitos outside and control new populations.


Get Relief With Thorough, Professional Treatments

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Flea & Tick Control From the Experts

In lush areas like ours, fleas and ticks are some of the most prevalent and invasive parasites sure to cause you and your family trouble during spring and summer. We believe the only effective method of treatment is timely applications directly at the source of the problem. 

When you partner with Go Green Lawn and Pest Control for tick and flea treatment, you’ll receive the following:


Mosquito Removal & Prevention

Keeping mosquitos away from your home, office, or workplace requires a continuous effort. At Go Green Lawn and Pest Services, we offer varied approaches that combine mosquito removal, population control, and preventative measures.

Our mosquito removal services involve targeting breeding and resting areas to kill all insects on site. We use EPA-approved sprays that kill mosquitoes immediately and leave a protective barrier for long-lasting relief. The mosquito control program also ensures your lawns are sprayed on time to keep the insects at bay.

Go Green’s preventative mosquito control offers Trusted practices to help ward off wandering insects that seek refuge in your home. Preventive approaches include maintaining dry lawns and backyards, using mesh to cover exposed areas, and cleaning the gutters and other places that hold stagnant water. Sprays can also create protective barriers to repel mosquitoes, and larvicides will prevent the larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes. We use a mix of mosquito control measures that make your home uninhabitable for the pest.

When you partner with Go Green Lawn and Pest Control for tick and flea treatment, you’ll receive the following:

Your Reliable Pest Control Partner

Working with reliable mosquito control companies is one of the best ways to keep the pesky pest away from your home. DIY tactics are hectic and don’t always work. Citronella candles and essential oils can sometimes cause headaches or alter the scent in your home.

A mosquito control company offers practical solutions to keep mosquitos at bay without changing your lifestyle. At Go Green, we use Trusted, EPA-approved natural and chemical sprays to kill all existing mosquito populations. The sprays also leave a safety guard behind for long-term protection.

Our team will be back by the time the last protective barrier fades. We use safe products that won’t harm your plants, pets, or family. Our approaches are customized to provide the best mosquito removal services for your needs. If you’re looking for trustworthy mosquito control contractors, Go Green is here to help.

We’re an experienced lawn and pest control company dedicated to high-quality services. Our team can handle various pests, including ticks, fleas, wildlife, and bed bug removal. We serve Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your precious outdoor time!

Additional Go Green Lawn And Pest Control Services

Go Green Lawn and Pest Control offers a wide range of services around pest removal. We’re a certified arborist with experience taking care of lawns, trees, and shrubs. Our team has extensive knowledge of different pests that plague lawns and backyards.

You can call us for tick control services to exterminate the pest naturally without harming your pets or environment. Our team also offers preventative tick removal services to keep the leachy parasite from attacking your pets. We offer customized treatment plans that are proven to work.

Flea and tick control services are among the common calls we get from residential customers. Go Green also offers wildlife removal services to safely get rid of birds, rodents, snakes, and other wandering animals.

We remove pests from your house, home, trees, and environment. We’re also available for emergency pest control calls.


FAQs About Mosquito Control

Mosquito control refers to various services offered to remove mosquito populations from unwanted areas. It involves preventative measures, sprays, and natural approaches used to kill mosquitos of all stages.

Each company is different. At Go Green Lawn And Pest Control, we offer simple mosquito control programs and treatments that target breeding and resting sites. We kill all mosquitos, from larvae to adults, and keep new populations at bay.

It’s easy. Contact us at 610-692-5296 to speak to one of our mosquito experts or fill out the convenient form, and we’ll get back as soon as possible. You can also explore our 24/7 live chat service.

Yes. Mosquitos are known to carry West Nile virus and malarial virus, which remains the leading cause of malaria infections. The insect can also carry Dengue and Yellow Fever viruses. They deposit the parasites and viruses when suckling blood.

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