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Go Green Lawn And Pest Control, your trusted partner in pest control solutions for Delaware County, PA. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing effective and environmentally responsible pest management services to homes in the region.

We Are Your Local Residential Pest Control Company

  1. Local Expertise: With a deep understanding of Delaware County’s unique pest challenges, we tailor our services to the specific needs of the area.
  2. Licensed and Certified Professionals: Our team consists of licensed and certified pest control technicians who stay updated on the latest industry advancements.
  3. Comprehensive Pest Control: Residential Services: Safeguard your home from unwanted pests with our comprehensive residential pest control programs. From ants and spiders to rodents and termites, we’ve got you covered..
  4. Environmentally Friendly Practices: We prioritize the use of Trusted products and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.
  5. Customized Treatment Plans: No two pest problems are alike. Our experts assess each situation individually, creating tailored treatment plans for optimal results.

If you own your own home, pest control needs to be a part of your routine maintenance efforts. After all, it’s not just a matter of cleanliness; and it’s also a matter of safety and health. Many rodents and insects carry diseases.

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Quick-fix, man-made materials can hurt the environment and damage your soil. Here at Ned's Lawn Treatment Formerly Go Green, we utilize natural products that will give your lawn the best results.

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When you partner with Ned's Lawn Treatment Formerly Go Green, you are not locked into a contract. You’ll want to work with us not out of necessity, but because of the results we deliver!

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We do our best to satisfy every customer, but if we miss the mark and problems persist, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

What Do I Do If I Notice Insects in My Home?

For every insect you see in your home, there are a whole bunch of others that you don’t see. And that could be a big problem. You might not think that seeing a few ants in your kitchen is a cause for alarm, but they could be coming from a colony living in your walls.

If they’re carpenter ants, they could be doing a LOT of damage you can’t see. A single cockroach scurrying away when you turn on the lights is spreading disease wherever it goes, and it’s running back to hundreds of others that are doing the same thing.

You need to contact a pest control company right away so that you stop the problem before it becomes a larger and more expensive problem.

Not All Infestation Signs Are Obvious

Insects and other pests leave all sorts of signs of their presence that you should be paying attention to. Little piles of sawdust or things that look like tiny wood pellets are often a sign of termites or carpenter ants.

Small piles of shredded paper or other fibrous materials are often a sign that you have mice or rats in your house. Scraping or tapping sounds inside your walls could be caused by termites or mice. And, while spiders are generally harmless, large numbers of spiders could also indicate large numbers of other insects living nearby.

Reclaim Your Backyard - Mosquito Control Services - Delaware County

Mosquito control services are provided by Go Green Lawn And Pest Control we specialize in managing and reducing mosquito populations in residential areas. Pennsylvania summers can get very mosquito-y. It can get bad enough that you don’t even want to go outside in the summertime. When that happens, you need the help of a good mosquito control company.

  1. Inspection and Assessment
  2. Customized Treatment Plans
  3. Mosquito Larvae Control
  4. Adult Mosquito Control
  5. Barrier Treatments
  6. Source Reduction
  7. Misting Systems
  8. Education and Prevention Tips
  9. Routine Maintenance
  10. Special Event Treatments

Experienced mosquito control experts can help you enjoy barbeques, outdoor parties, and sunsets once again. Your pets will also appreciate our tick control services.

How Often Should I Have Pest Control Services Done?

The frequency of pest control depends on various factors, including the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, and your location. Here are some general guidelines:

Even if you don’t notice any pests, it’s a good idea to have regular inspections for residential pest control services. We can identify potential issues before they become serious.

Many pests have seasonal patterns of activity. For example, insects like ants and mosquitoes may be more prevalent in warmer months. Consider seasonal pest control programs to address specific challenges associated with each season.

If you’re dealing with a particular pest problem, the frequency of treatments may need to be higher initially to get the infestation under control. Once the issue is resolved, you can switch to pest-preventative programs.

Regular pest control can also include implementing preventative measures, such as sealing entry points, reducing moisture, and maintaining cleanliness to discourage pests from infesting your property. This will help protect your home from pests.

The type of pest control products used can influence the frequency of treatment options. Some products offer longer-lasting protection, while others may require more frequent applications.

It’s important to work with a reputable pest control contractor who can assess your specific situation and provide recommendations tailored to your needs. Go Green Lawn And Pest Control can create a customized plan that addresses existing infestations and helps prevent future problems. Additionally, make sure to follow our recommendations provided by the pest control experts for the best results.

Trusted Pest Control

Not all pest control companies are created equal. Many of them use chemicals that are poisonous not only to rats and insects but also to people, pets, and plants.

Whether you need a pest control company for just one visit or for regular maintenance efforts, you should go with an Trusted company. Rodent control and insect extermination don’t have to be harmful to anything other than the insects, rodents, or other pests that you need to eliminate.

Contact Your Local Pest Control Experts Today

When it comes to calling on a professional pest control company, Go Green Lawn And Pest Control are the experts in Delaware County and the surrounding counties.

There’s no time like the present. The longer you delay, the bigger the problem becomes. And that generally goes along with greater expenses, too, especially if you have termites or carpenter ants.

Service Areas we also cover: Montgomery County and Chester County within the PA area. Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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