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Pest and Mosquito Control Services in Kent County, DE

No one wants to share their home with pests, yet insects and rodents can easily find their way indoors and become a full-blown pest infestation unless you take preventative action. Go Green Lawn & Pest Control provides organic and Trusted pest control services that deliver safe and effective results. Our local pest control in Kent County, DE targets your concerns to provide long-lasting protection so you can rid your home of bothersome pests and gain greater peace of mind.

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Quick-fix, man-made materials can hurt the environment and damage your soil. Here at Ned's Lawn Treatment Formerly Go Green, we utilize natural products that will give your lawn the best results.

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When you partner with Ned's Lawn Treatment Formerly Go Green, you are not locked into a contract. You’ll want to work with us not out of necessity, but because of the results we deliver!

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We do our best to satisfy every customer, but if we miss the mark and problems persist, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

Pest Control in Kent County

Whether you need pest removal services to get rid of an existing infestation, preventative pest control to keep your home pest-free, or a specific service like termite treatment or bed bug removal, the professionals at Go Green do it all. We also provide a number of lawn care services in Kent County, DE to keep your yard healthy and the insects at bay.

If you notice insects inside your home, don’t delay. Even small numbers of bugs can quickly multiply and require insect extermination. Call us immediately to schedule your inspection. Our experts will determine the source of your problem and act fast to provide the best pest control program for your needs.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos are more than a nuisance. Beyond the irritating itch left behind by their bites, some carry infectious diseases they can pass to humans. Preventative mosquito control services from a professional mosquito control company like Go Green Lawn And Pest Control offer the preventative insect control you need to keep your home and yard free from a mosquito infestation.

Effectively ridding your yard of mosquitos without the help of expert pest control companies is impossible. The mosquito control experts at Go Green provide comprehensive services that include an inspection, elimination of current insects, protection against their return, and ongoing maintenance. Our weather-resistant treatments are developed into a customized plan ideal for your situation.

We know how to locate breeding zones to immediately begin reducing the insect population, providing you with relief so you can enjoy yourself outdoors without worry. All of our sprays are EPA-approved and target everything from larvae to adult mosquitos.

Flea and Tick Control Services

Do you want flea and tick control services to protect yourself and your pets? Our pest control contractors at Go Green Lawn And Pest Control provide year-round pest control to eliminate fleas and ticks.

These troublesome pests carry diseases that can infect your family and your pets. Fleas can easily spread indoors after catching a ride on your dog. Once established, they are difficult to remove and require a lot of time and effort that includes cleaning bedding, furniture, and carpets to remove eggs.

Ticks are hard to spot and can hide in your pet’s fur or even on your clothing, waiting to bite you and possibly transmitting Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or other diseases. Our services in Kent County include an initial inspection and six treatments spaced throughout the year to deliver complete protection.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats can enter your home through tiny openings and quickly reproduce until they become a big problem. Not only is it unsettling to spot rodents in your home, but they also pose a threat to your health as they are known to carry diseases. They can even damage your property by chewing through walls and furniture. There is also a risk of experiencing a fire if rodents chew through electrical wires.

Once mice or rats establish themselves indoors, they are tough to eliminate. Preventative pest control treatments is an excellent way to avoid having an infestation on your hands. Go Green technicians are trained to humanely deal with your existing rodent problem and set up a treatment plan that keeps them out permanently.

Advantages of Go Green Lawn and Pest Control

At Go Green, we offer pest control inspections that identify the species of pest you are dealing with, find the entry points where they are getting into your home, and then apply safe treatments and bug removal services that get real results without using harsh chemicals. Our pest control company is committed to using environmentally safe treatments you can feel good about and trust around your family and pets.

Call us to schedule your inspection and begin receiving targeted residential pest control by our pest control experts. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control proudly serves Clayton, Dover, Smyrna, and the rest of Kent County. You can also check out our pest control solutions for Sussex County, DE and New Castle County, DE.

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