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Aeration & Overseeding Program

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About Aeration & Overseeding Program

Aeration & Overseeding Program Keeps Your Lawn Healthy With Solutions For: Aeration and Seeding

Have Your Grass Go Green

Our Aeration & Overseeding Program allows your ground to breathe and then provides a layer of new grass growth. After a summer of compaction, our experts at Go Green are here to give the nutrients your grass covets to be the green lawn you always wanted.

Aeration & Overseeding Program Features:

All-Natural Products
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Fall Aeration
Bare Spot Treatment
Free Re-Treatments if Needed

Your Lawn Concerns

Helpful information detailing your lawn concerns and the best control methods.


Chester Springs

Go Green always does a great job communicating when they will be performing the service and exactly what will be done. The technicians are friendly and are available to answer any questions you may have.

What’s Included In Your Package?


We give your yard room to breathe after a full summer of compaction and thatch build-up.


We treat bare and thin spots with overseeding so your lawn is ready to bloom come spring.

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Mosquito Control

Our signature Mosquito Control service involves recurring treatments for your home throughout the year, reducing the mosquito population before it gets the chance to breed again. And, if you need a one-time mosquito service for a special occasion such as an outdoor party or BBQ, we can help with that too!

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What else do I need to know?

Have Your Grass Go Green

Lawn aeration and overseeding allows your lawn to breathe while providing the necessary growth to create a thick, green lawn in the long run. As the year goes on, your lawn gets compacted and doesn’t leave any room in your lawn for nutrients to be impactful. It’s time to call on the professionals at Go Green to loosen up the ground and lay down fresh seeding. Here are some of the benefits we provide as part of our aeration services:

  • The ability to breathe after a full summer of compaction.
  • Room to stretch out roots -- a process that is important in continued growth.
  • A return to health before winter comes so a fresh spring lawn is possible.


New Year, New Grass

Throughout the year, a variety of factors can interfere with the overall health and growth of your lawn. Droughts, disease, grubs, and other lawn pests, and lack of consistent, proper care can leave your lawn looking dreary and thin. With our efforts of concentrated overseeding, Go Green will revitalize damaged areas identified during a lawn evaluation. With personalized treatment and careful attention to detail, your lawn will receive the right amount of overseeding in the areas that need it most.




Leaders in the Green Lawn Care Movement

There’s an abundance of research proving the potential harm of chemical-based lawn care programs and upholding the benefits of the bionutritional approach. Many lawn care companies rely on the same quick-fix, man-made materials that ultimately disable soil’s ability to naturally thrive and handicap the local ecosystem. This blatant incongruence is what keeps Go Green dedicated to our fresh, responsible approach to developing beautiful lawns.

Pennsylvania and Delaware’s Most Honest Lawn Company

From management down, our people are dedicated to creating Pennsylvania’s and Delaware’s greenest, healthiest lawns through responsible, safe measures. We decided not to achieve surface-level results with synthetic products. We decided not to take the easy way out. We will always be honest with our practices on our mission to providing healthy lawns for both our customers and the environment.

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The employees are very knowledgeable and super nice. Thanks Go Green!

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Timely, professional and did a GREAT job. Definitely getting my business again.

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