4 Winter Pest Control Tips


Why is pest control important in the winter months? While it may seem as if insects are less active during this time of year, they and other pests can still cause problems. Many creatures trek to warmer places to avoid the frigid temperatures, and that place can very well be your house. Given the diseases they bring and the damage they can cause, pest control in the winter is just as essential as it is during the warm seasons. To learn more about why pest control is important in the winter and what you can do to prevent them from entering your home, learn our four winter pest control tips.

Seal Up Your Home

The weather stripping around your windows and doors acts as a physical barrier that keeps out pests. However, it won’t be nearly as effective when it’s worn and damaged. As a result, keeping an eye on your home’s weather stripping and performing any repairs and replacements as needed is an important part of pest control in the winter. The same holds true for other parts of your house, so ensure that there aren’t any entry points for pests to take advantage of. These openings include any cracks in the foundation or holes in your window screens, so seal up as much as you can. Additionally, seal up any pipes and properly insulate them so pests can’t sneak inside.

Protect Your Pantry

Like all other living creatures, pests need nutrition and nourishment in order to survive — and your pantry can become a safe haven for moths, beetles, and more if your food isn’t properly sealed up. Ensure that your food supply is kept in airtight containers made of plastic or glass so that pests can’t enter and eat it all for themselves.

Even if all your cereal and rice are sealed up, pests will still enjoy the crumbs on the floor. Be careful not to leave any food scraps around by thoroughly cleaning up after your meals.

Don’t Keep Firewood Stacks Too Close

The stacks of firewood you have lined up against your home may be convenient for winter evening fires, but it’s also convenient for pests. Just as every creature needs food, pests also need shelter to stay safe. The tight spaces in between the logs are a great place for pests to build nests, and the close proximity grants them easy access to your home. To ensure proper pest control in winter, keep your woodpile at least 20 or so feet away from your house.

Reduce Moisture and Humidity

Another important step for proper pest control in the winter is to reduce and eliminate moisture and humidity as much as possible. Cockroaches, rodents, and other pests are attracted to humidity like a moth to a flame and will enter your home to escape from the cold weather outside. Therefore, it’s best to keep your home dry by fixing leaking pipes, using dehumidifiers, and employing other methods to stave off moisture and, in turn, the pests that seek it out.

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