How Can I Benefit From Soil Testing?


The overall health of your lawn can tie directly back to how healthy your soil is and how receptive it is to consistent growth. Whether you’re looking to have a thriving home garden or you want to eliminate any brown spots in your yard, knowing more about your soil can unlock the answers you have been searching for. 

While you can try to do a sight test to inspect your soil, more thorough testing can give you a clearer picture of its overall health. These types of testing procedures can provide you with a wealth of benefits that help you take better care of your yard, some of which include:

Get Better Insight Into the State of Your Soil

If you have ever tried to grow something in your backyard and your budding garden never took root, it may have more to do with the health of your soil than a lack of a green thumb. If your soil’s fertility has been lacking, thorough soil testing performed by the professionals can help identify the inherent properties of your soil and help you figure out where you can make improvements. 

Soil sampling helps identify existing nutrients, the pH level, and more details that can affect its ability to have what you plan effectively grow. Our lawn care professionals can perform these tests for you and develop a tailored maintenance plan to help improve your soil’s fertility. 

Reduce the Amount of Fertilizers You Use

Most people believe that throwing any fertilizer at their soil will help solve their lack of growth problems; however, the wrong type of fertilizer can have the opposite effect. Accurate soil testing can help identify your soil needs and limit the amount of inorganic fertilizers you use on your property. 

Avoid Over-Fertilizing Your Yard

Some homeowners and burgeoning gardeners may believe that using more fertilizer will help jumpstart their lawn’s growth. However, over-fertilizing your yard can have just as much of a negative impact on your yard’s overall health as doing nothing. 

Performing accurate soil testing helps identify what kind of fertilizer will help your yard and how much you should use. Over-fertilization can lead to nutrient leaching, water pollution if your home has a well water system, and potential damage to the surrounding environment. 

Get the Most Up-to-Date Information Before Making a Decision

Making decisions for the future health of your lawn can quickly prove foolish if you’re working with out-of-date information. Soil samples taken a few years ago may not reflect the current state of your yard and what it currently needs to see improvements. With the help of a yearly lawn maintenance program in Prince George’s County, MD, you get an accurate look at the current condition of your soil.

Our yearly lawn maintenance programs involve taking yearly samples of your soil for thorough testing. We can determine your soil pH levels, where the nutrient deficiencies are, and the best course of action to fix the issue. With the proper maintenance plan in place, you can start to see improvements with bare spots, weed control, and improved plant growth. 

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