How Do I Know if I Have Moles in My Backyard?


As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your yard and plant life safe from pests and wildlife. There is a wide range of animals and insects that can cause damage to your landscaping, including unlikely ones like moles. But how do you know if you have moles digging around the property? These crafty creatures leave behind several clues that will reveal their presence. To learn more, here’s a look at five signs of moles in your yard.

You See Them

The most obvious sign you have moles in your yard is when you actually see them out and about. These mammals are members of the rodent family and are relatively small, only reaching about 12 inches in length or shorter. Moles are easily identified by their large front paws and lean claws, which they use for digging through the ground, along with their small eyes and webbed toes. However, they’re nocturnal creatures that are usually underground, so it’s more likely you’ll see other signs of moles in the yard.

Dead or Damaged Plants

Unlike other wildlife that may nibble at your landscaping, you won’t have to worry about moles eating your plants — but that doesn’t mean they have any regard for your many hours of yard work. As they burrow underground and dig in search of insects, your landscaping can become collateral damage in the process. 

For example, they can accidentally kill plants when their digging detaches roots. Not only that, but the displaced dirt can expose the plant roots and cause them to dry out and die. In addition, their burrowing can physically move your plants around and kill them in the process.

Mole Tunnels

Have you noticed that certain sections of your property look lumpier than others? Those are common signs of moles in yards. As they burrow their way underground, their tunnels will raise dirt as they dig. It’s possible to tell how recent the tunnels are by looking at the grass — the longer they’ve been there, the more wilted they will be. This can help give homeowners a better idea of how long moles have been active.

Damaged lawn by mole


While they’re not as common as tunnels, molehills are one of the earliest signs of moles in yards. When they dig tunnels, all of the dirt they displace can get piled up on the surface. Molehills appear like small, volcano-shaped swellings in the ground that make it harder to mow.

Other Pests

How do you know if you have moles if you can’t tell the difference between them and other mammals? In truth, these other pests can actually be signs of a mole’s presence. Mice, voles, and other creatures can travel through the tunnels dug by moles, so if you see them, it’s possible that a mole might be on your property too.

After seeing signs of moles in your yard, it’s best to call professionals to help. At Ned’s Pest Control & Lawn Treatment, we can lend a hand with any mole infestations on your property. In addition, we also offer Baltimore County mosquito control and numerous Anne Arundel pest control services.


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