How to Grow a Lush Garden from Eggshells


Incorporating eggshells into your gardening routine is a cost effective and environmentally-friendly way to grow plants from seedlings instead of purchasing full-grown plants at the store. Eggshells are also useful as an organic fertilizer to keep your garden pest-free.

Planting an Eggshell Garden

By sprouting seedlings in eggshell planters, you can create a beautiful garden for the whole family to enjoy. Other benefits of an eggshell garden include the following:

  • You can get started on your gardening before the weather fully cooperates.
  • It’s safe for kids to help because the “pots” won’t hurt them if broken.
  • Sprouted seedlings tend to do better when planted because they are hardier.
  • Eggshell pots are biodegradable
  • Because eggshells contain calcium and other nutrients, they serve as organic fertilizer.

Here are the steps for planting an eggshell garden:

1. Prepare the eggshells. Make a hole in the bottom center of each shell with a small pin or thumbtack so water can drain through. The hole should be big enough to prevent potential soil clogs. Gently cut off the top 1/3 of the eggshell with a paring knife. Pour the inside of the egg into a bowl and save for cooking.

2. Clean the eggshells. Wash the eggshells in the sink. Then place them in a pot of boiling water for three minutes to kill any bacteria on the shells. Put each eggshell back in the egg carton or bowl to dry.

3. Plant seeds. Scoop in enough potting soil to fill 2/3 of each eggshell. Place a seed inside. The directions on the seed package will tell you how far down in the soil to put the seed. Label the outside of each shell carefully with a crayon so you remember the type of seed planted. Put the carton in a windowsill that gets regular sunlight and add water to moisten the soil. Water as needed. 

4. Plant sprouted seedlings. When the seeds sprout and the weather is warm enough, plant the eggshell pots in your garden using freshly tilled soil. Gently crush each eggshell as you plant it in the ground so the roots can find the fresh soil. The biodegradable eggshells will act as an organic fertilizer.

Keeping Your Garden Pest-Free with Eggshells

A fully grown garden requires continued organic care. Did you know eggshells are an organic pesticide that kills garden pests like slugs and beetles? Eggshells produce the same results as diatomaceous earth, the talc-like powder comprised of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. Both diatomaceous earth and eggshells cut up beetles and other garden pests who come into contact. Gardening with eggshells is simple and effective.

1. Grind the eggshells into a fine powder with a mini food chopper or coffee bean grinder.

2. Sprinkle the eggshell powder on the leaves of your garden and directly on beetles you want to eliminate.

3. Add the powder to the base of each plant to kill slugs and snails.

4. Keep remaining eggshell powder in a covered container.

5. Apply more eggshell powder as needed, especially after rain.

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