Lawn Care Tips for the Winter Months


Want to help your yard and garden thrive throughout the coldest part of the year? There are plenty of steps homeowners can take to help keep their plants healthy during the winter and ensure they are in good shape by springtime. Here are four lawn care tips for winter seasons that will keep your property in top condition.

Mulch Plants

One of the best lawn care tips for winter is to place a thick layer of mulch over your plants. A blanket of mulch helps keep plant roots warm and prevents constant freezing and thawing throughout the season. Mulching also seals in moisture and helps curb the growth of weeds, meaning that it is a great way of helping perennial plants bloom again come spring. Don’t forget to mulch your trees — they also benefit from mulching, as it helps maintain the temperature of the soil.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Many lawn care tips for winter involve properly cleaning up your yard. For example, it is vital that you rake leaves throughout autumn and winter. A build-up of leaves can prevent sunlight and water from reaching the grass underneath, effectively suffocating it. Plus, when snow falls on top, it will create ideal conditions for snow mold and other problems to form that threaten the safety of your lawn’s health. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to rake leaves periodically throughout the season.

Similarly, you will want to pick up any dead branches from your trees and other plants. Otherwise, they could become an issue in the future. Homeowners will also want to weed their gardens, as it’s possible that some weeds will survive the winter months and become a pain when spring comes. Not only will tidying up your yard benefit its health, but it will make it more attractive and visually appealing as well.

Protect Plants

There are many lawn care tips for winter you can follow to protect your plants throughout the colder months of the year. If you own shrubs and perennials, be sure to remove snow from them. After it snows in your area, use a shovel to lift up any snow that falls on your plants. Doing so will help them stay healthy for the arrival of spring.

Additionally, any young trees you recently planted will benefit from being wrapped. Because they haven’t grown thick enough to resist frigid temperatures, they can be damaged and die before winter ends. Covering them in a tree wrap will provide them the extra support they need to survive the season — however, be sure to remove the wrap near the end of the season when the young trees show signs of growing.

Don’t Forget to Water Plants and Aerate the Soil

One of the more important lawn care tips for winter is to never neglect to water your plants. Even though some may become dormant, they still require water to survive. Not to mention, plants can become more prone to winter burn when their water stores are depleted after not receiving water for a long time. Therefore, you should always water your plants throughout the winter and during dry spells. Although, you should not water plants when the temperature is below freezing, as the ground has a harder time absorbing it.

Another reason why soil can have a hard time absorbing water is when it’s too compact. If the ground doesn’t soak up water quickly enough, it can end up pooling on the surface and freezing. As a result, it’s best to aerate the soil before winter arrives so that the soil will have an easier time collecting water.

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