Smart Ways to Protect Your Property from Pests and Fungus


Unfortunately, so have millions of bugs and various species of invasive fungi. Backyard barbecues are a fun way to feed the family in the summer sun, but without proper lawn maintenance, you’re just feeding your family to ticks and mosquitoes. And unless you live in the Smurf Village, mushroom-covered lawns are simply bad optics for your reputation in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, you can protect your property from flying bugs, weird mushrooms, and other backyard burdens by employing a few simple preventative measures, which we will discuss in this article.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos and Ticks 

To prevent disease-spreading ticks and mosquitoes from feasting on your family this summer, you have several DIY options to choose from before resorting to a commercial solution. 

One way to reduce your property’s pest population is to increase its pest-predator population; Chickens and guinea hens love to eat bugs, including the bugs that love to eat you.

Not the animal type? Don’t worry; There are other practical solutions for ticks and mosquitoes that you can do yourself. If you want to protect your home from bugs, you must destroy their homes on your property. Thick vegetation and bushes, overgrown grass, and long branches that hang above your lawn are prime nesting and breeding grounds for ticks and mosquitoes. 

Additionally, make sure to drain any shallow, stagnant pools of water on your property to eliminate habitats for mosquito larvae. If you try this and your mosquito problem does not improve, you should seek the help of Go Green Lawn Services’ mosquito lawn treatment near Kennett Square. 

How to Get Rid of Fungus

Fungus appears throughout PA lawns in hot, humid conditions during the summer. To prevent isolated outbreaks from spreading to the entire yard, refrain from mowing the lawn while the grass is wet. You should also sharpen your blades a few times each mowing season to ensure clean cuts to each blade of grass. Lastly, clean the underside of your lawn mower every month or so. 

Unable or unwilling to do it yourself? We’ll do it for you!

Go Green Lawn Services offers professional pest control services in Pennsylvania. If you want a bug-free barbecue this summer, contact our team of lawn service professionals for help!

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