Summer Pest Control Tips That Can Improve Your Lawn’s Health


The summer sun shines brightly on your home’s lawn, and all seems right with your property. The grass is green and healthy looking, making it the envy of your neighbors — except for one spot. Whether it’s a recent heatwave, prolonged drought, or a sudden pest infestation, your lawn’s look may suffer. 

While an annual lawn care program in Baltimore County, MD, can help keep your yard looking as good as possible, taking a proactive approach to pest control in the summer can do your property a world of good. Here are some of our top tips to help improve your ground’s overall health. 

Don’t Forget to Feed Your Lawn

When you start feeling run down or need to give your health a boost, you eat a nutritious meal to recharge. Your lawn operates in much the same way; it just needs a little help from you to get those nutrients. Your lawn maintenance routine should include regularly applying grass seed and fertilizer to your yard — especially the areas showing the most wear. 

Handle the Weeds Quickly — and Ruthlessly

During the summer months, you may spend more time in your yard, enjoying the space and the scenery, and notice some things growing in your yard that you don’t want to take hold. Instead of prioritizing weed control and ripping them out before they take hold, you push it off because it doesn’t seem like a major issue right now. 

However, if you give weeds enough time to grow and proliferate untouched, they can spread throughout your lawn and make it much more difficult to deal with them. As part of your summer lawn care schedule, take the time to check for rampant weed growth, and if you see them, take swift action. 

Check for Standing Water

When you have potted plants, water buckets, or other containers around your yard filled with water that don’t get changed regularly, they can become mosquito magnets. This particular type of pest is drawn to standing water areas, and every time you pass by, they’ll start feasting. 

Properly Storing the Firewood

The summer means you want to spend as much time outside as possible with friends and family. One of the most popular ways to have more nightly outings involves breaking out the fire pit. These communal spaces become the perfect place for eating s’mores, sharing a few drinks, and chatting with the people closest to you. However, between bonfire nights, how you store the firewood matters greatly. 

Termites love to feast on firewood, and if it’s stored close enough to your home, they will move to other food sources. Keeping your supply as far away from your home as possible can help prevent the infestation from migrating. Additionally, storing them on racks and not on the ground can make it more difficult for the pests to start the infestation in the first place. 

Check Your Trees Regularly

Most of the time, homeowners can take the health of their trees for granted. They look at their foliage and assume it’s in perfect health, standing the test of time. However, tree diseases and pests can take root and slowly eat away from the inside out. 

Taking the time to examine your trees can help protect them in the long run, keeping them as healthy as possible to provide shade for years to come. Healthy lawns look better with strong oaks and pines surrounding your property. 

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company to Help

One of the most important tips to help keep your lawn looking its healthiest revolves around knowing when you need a helping hand. Go Green Lawn & Pest Control has helped homeowners throughout the Greater Central Maryland area give homeowners the support and lawn maintenance tips to improve their property’s health. We specialize in eliminating pests, infestations, and routine maintenance to help provide you with the healthy-looking lawn you’ve always wanted. 

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