Tips for Killing Large Areas of Weeds


There are some not-so-pleasant tasks associated with beautifying an outdoor space —namely: killing weeds.

Go Green Lawn Services helps homeowners throughout the Greater Philadelphia area rid their property of pesky weeds and unwanted pests, providing effective lawn treatments for ticks in Newtown, PA, along with helpful weed removal strategies. 

If you’re ready to get out and garden, and a large area of weeds is standing in your way, here are a few ways to go about killing them.

How to Remove Weeds From a Large Area

There are quite a few simple, inexpensive home remedies you can cook up to kill grass and weeds permanently. In fact, the solution to your overgrown weed problems could already be sitting in your kitchen cabinets or hiding out under the sink. Preventing crabgrass and weeds is easier than you think. Some of these solutions are very effective in clearing large areas of weeds at a time!

Here are a few of the best ways to remove weeds from a large area:

Spread Cornmeal

Spreading cornmeal in an area where you wish to control weeds will prevent seeds from taking root in the future. It is important to note that cornmeal is not effective against fully grown weeds and should only be used if trying to prevent weed growth over a large area.

Spray a Salt Mixture

Using salt around the base of weeds will dehydrate the plants. Combine salt with water to create a mixture that will then be sprayed onto the affected area. Start your mixture with about a 3:1 mixture of water to salt and then increase the potency as needed. If you’d prefer a liquid mixture to spray over the large area of weeds, vinegar, and water, baking soda, and water, or bleach and water are all effective options.

Use a String Trimmer

Using a string trimmer is a popular method for removing weeds over a large area quickly and efficiently, however it is worth noting that these weeds will likely grow back in time. If you want a more permanent solution consider removing the entire weed, roots, and all. 

Use Weed Killer

Using weed killer is a great way to remove large areas of weeds if done correctly. However, when using this method you have to be careful when choosing your weed killer. Make sure you use a selective weed killer which is safe for grass and only targets weeds. This allows you to use the broadcast method of applying the herbicide and saves you time. 

Finding The Best Weed Killer for Large Areas

When looking for the best way to kill weeds in a large area, a weed killer may be your best bet. While purchasing a weed killer for large areas of weeds can be beneficial, it is hard to determine which is best for your lawn. The first thing to consider when buying a weed killer is what type of grass you have and what weeds you are looking to kill. Another thing to consider is what you are looking for in a weed killer. Do you want it to be organic, versatile, rainproof, or target a specific weed type? There are many options on the market no matter what you’re looking for. Once you know your requirements, a quick Google search should get you on your way to finding the best product for killing a large area of weeds. If you don’t know what type of weeds you’re dealing with, or what kind of product you’re looking for, it is always helpful to contact your local lawn care company to help you tackle large areas of weeds.

Use Heat to Burn Them

Another way to tackle overgrown weeds in a large area is to burn them. That’s right; using a propane-powered weed torch — and exercising caution, of course — can help you kill a number of weeds quickly and easily, and you can get a decent weed torch for less than $50. 

If you’re not comfortable using a flame, you can try pouring boiling water over the area of weeds you want to kill.

Burying Them Under Paper

Do you have piles of saved newspapers in your basement? Still, having the paper delivered to your door? In either case, you could use your old newspapers as a weed remedy. Plants can’t penetrate paper, so try lying sheets of newspaper over the area of weeds you want to kill or the area of ground where you want to prevent weed growth. Make sure to anchor the paper with stones or soil.

Those are just a few ideas for killing large areas of weeds as we head into the beautifully fertile fall gardening season. If you need additional help de-weeding your yard or you’re looking for quality lawn care in West Chester, and the surrounding region, give Go Green Lawn Services a call today. We provide expert lawn services in PennsylvaniaMarylandDelaware, and New Jersey.

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