It can be frustrating being a homeowner and having to deal with animals in your garden. We can all picture the remnants of our beautiful lawn torn up by a bunch of animals that you just can’t quite get your hands on. Even the more avid animal lovers know how time-consuming and energy-draining gardening is and don’t want all their hard work ruined by a few furry pests. Luckily, there are a few ways you can combat animals eating out of your garden to help deter those pests safely and effectively.

Identify the Pest

The first thing you should do is identify the type of animals you’re dealing with. You can’t deter animals without knowing what kind of pest you’re battling, so focus on tracks in the soil and pellet droppings that can help isolate the animal group.

Also, note what type of food sources might attract the animals. Is your vegetable garden getting destroyed? You might be dealing with a rabbit, deer, chipmunk, or squirrel. Do you have plants that animals commonly look for to feed on? Your garden might be getting raided by birds or insects.


Prevention is the best way to keep animals out of your garden. You can use this to your advantage by protecting your garden at certain times or using simple DIY tactics to divert animals away. If animals realize they can’t get to your garden, they will soon look for other locations.


Fences are a great long-term prevention method, and blocking off your garden with one is one of the first things you should consider. A two or three feet tall fence will work, or small mesh fences can be used to protect individual plants and sections. Raised beds also act as barriers for ground-bound animals like slugs and snails.

DIY Methods

You can create a few DIY sprays to give your garden plants a bad smell and taste. Mix up a bit of hot sauce with soapy water and spray onto vegetables and plants once a week. If you have deer in your garden, spraying a mixture of dish soap and milk in the garden will deter them.


Traps are an effective prevention method if you have animals who keep coming back for more. Set them up on the edges of your yard, and the motion-activated trap will close in and capture the animal. Afterward, you can contact your local pest control for safe removal.

Stop Animals From Returning

Whether or not prevention methods work, you should also focus on repelling the animals from your home. A few tips can stop those pests from returning to your beautiful garden, and for most homeowners, they don’t involve a significant investment.

Your Pets

Do you have pets, or have you ever wanted pets? This might be the best time to unleash them in your garden and prevent intruders. A dog can help grab a few furry strays, and cats love chasing gophers and other animals that hide in the dirt.


There are a few nasty-tasting plants you can purchase to deter animals. Animals won’t view your garden as an effective food source if your plants taste bad. Marigold, mint, and lavender can prevent rabbits and groundhogs from feasting in your garden.

Clean Your Lawn

As much work as it takes to spruce up your garden, why ruin it with an otherwise dirty lawn? Open compost piles and piles of garbage stuffed into corners attract and act as homes for animals. Clean out your lawn, or reach out to a lawn maintenance service to keep animals away.

When All Else Fails, Your Local Pest Control Company Has Got Your Back!

It can be tough to pinpoint the animal running amok in your garden, much less prevent them from returning. A good lawn and pest control company can help scare away animals and stop them from ruining your hard work. Contact Go Green Lawn and Pest Control today for more information on how our residential lawn and pest care services can assist your efforts in keeping pests away.