When Is the Best Time to Overseed My Lawn?


The summer months may bring warm temperatures and long sunny days, but they can also cause havoc on your lawn. The arid environment can cause massive damage to your grass, leaving brown spots, thinning blades, and dead areas in its wake. In these instances, you don’t have to wait for a rainstorm to save the day — a lawn overseeding program can help. 

Go Green Lawn & Pest Control offers our customers annual lawn overseeding in Baltimore County, MD, and the surrounding areas. However, you may be wondering, “When is the best time to overseed my property, and does it have to only be a yearly occurrence?” Let’s take a look: 

The Benefits of Overseeding

Every yard requires some help restoring itself to its former glory. Overseeding lawns involves spreading grass seeds over the area, repairing damage, and thickening out trouble spots. With the help of lawn care professionals, you can ensure that your property gets even growth throughout, targeting the areas that need the most help. However, you still want to know the best time for overseeding. 

Picking the Right Season

Homeowners and Maryland lawn maintenance pros have a wide range of factors to consider when choosing the optimal time for overseeding their yard. Each property has unique needs and conditions that help the seed take hold, and the perfect storm of these factors happens in late summer and early fall. The middle of August through the middle of September tends to yield the best results. 

Some of the factors that make this stretch ideal for aeration and overseeding include:

Ideal Soil Temperatures

Seedlings of all types need hospitable conditions to take root and grow into the lush lawn of your dreams. The soil needs to be warm enough to encourage healthy growth but cool enough at night to give them a break from excessive heat. When the ground falls in this sweet spot range, the germination rates improve and lead to healthier-looking lawns. 

Minimal Weed Competition

Grass needs space to grow deep and take root where it can get the most nutrients. When your lawn has a weed infestation, they can prevent the seedlings from growing as healthy as possible. As the seasons transition from summer to fall, weeds start dying off, opening up the space for your overseeding efforts to have the best chances for success. 

How to Take Care of Your Freshly Overseeded Lawn

Now that you know that the late summer and early fall offer the best chances of success, you’ll want to know what you need to do to help reinvigorate your lawn. Your freshly seeded lawn requires plenty of water and nutrients to reach its full lush potential. Regularly applying fertilizer, watering the areas, and taking care of it can help your yard recover from the dry summer conditions. 

Knowing how to properly treat your lawn after it gets aerated and overseeded will help you keep it as healthy as possible throughout the year. Our specialists can help point you in the right direction and give the yard every chance to become a lush oasis. 

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