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Natural Products

Quick-fix, man-made materials can hurt the environment and damage your soil. Here at Go Green, we utilize natural products that will give your lawn the best results.


No Contracts

When you partner with Go Green, you are not locked into a contract. You’ll want to work with us not out of necessity, but because of the results we deliver!

Free Re-Treatments

We do our best to satisfy every customer, but if we miss the mark and problems persist, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

Trusted Lawn Care in Middletown, DE

Whether you’re experiencing patchy turf, overgrown weeds, damage from grubs, or another lawn ailment, the experts here at Go Green Lawn and Pest Control have you covered. Our lawn care service in Middletown includes year-round treatments using Trusted products, so you don’t have to choose between the well-being of your yard and the safety of your family. 

Trusted Products for a Safer, Greener Lawn

We’re dedicated to giving you a luscious green lawn you can be proud of, without the use of unnecessary chemicals and pollutants. Our lawn care in Middletown relies on Trusted products that are just as effective as traditional means, but safer for your family and the environment.

Our lawn treatments in Middletown include:

  • Monthly treatments tailored to your lawn’s seasonal needs, keeping it looking its best all year long.
  • Trusted fertilizer that promotes root growth for healthy grass.
  • Botanical-based products to eliminate current weeds and prevent new ones from germinating.
  • Biological insecticides to prevent lawn pests from wreaking havoc.

Lawn Aeration in Middletown

It’s normal for soil to compact over time due to foot traffic, heavy rains, and other stressors. This results in dense soil that prevents much-needed water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the roots of your grass, making it impossible for it to grow strong and healthy. Fortunately, our lawn aeration in Middletown can save your grass! By removing small plugs of soil, we give your lawn room to breathe, encouraging the roots to grow deeper and blades to grow stronger.

Benefits of lawn aeration in Middletown include:

  • Thicker grass, without unsightly thin or brown patches.
  • Decreased susceptibility to disease.
  • Increased tolerance to heat and drought.
  • Controlling thatch, preventing it from building up.

Say Goodbye to Bare Spots

If your lawn needs a little extra help to overcome bare spots, we have the solution for you! By combining aeration and overseeding, we can eliminate bald spots in your lawn while promoting thicker, more vibrant growth. While this may seem like a straightforward process, it requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of your yard’s needs that only our professional lawn technicians can provide. Get started today to see the difference overseeding in Middletown can make!

Tree Service in Middletown

Trees and shrubs are a big boost to your curb appeal, but only if they’re kept healthy and well maintained, which can be a major hassle. Rather than take on that responsibility by yourself, trust our tree service in Middletown to care for your ornamentals. Our tree and shrub specialists are experts with extensive knowledge of plant biology, ensuring your plants get the exact care they need when they need it.

When you choose our tree service in Middletown, you can expect:

  • Year-round maintenance to keep trees and shrubs at their best.
  • Strategic fertilizer applications to promote new growth.
  • Disease treatment and prevention.
  • Protection against destructive pests.

Lawn Fertilization in Middletown

Your lawn needs all the help it can get to stay healthy all year. A big part of that is keeping it fed, particularly during the colder months when nutrients are hard to come by. When your grass needs a hand to reach its verdant potential, look to Go Green Lawn and Pest Control for lawn fertilization in Middletown. Don’t waste your time running all over town for expensive fertilizers. Let us do the hard work for you. With our experienced lawn care technicians and industry-best fertilizer, we provide exactly the sort of help your lawn needs.

Benefits of lawn fertilization in Middletown include:

  • Increased root growth.
  • A boost to nutrient levels. 
  • Healthier soil.
  • Resistance to disease, fungi, and pests.
  • Reduced weed growth. 
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