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Waking up in the middle of the night because of uncomfortable itching and scratching is an awful experience — and a sign that you may have a bed bug problem. Thankfully, it’s possible to get rid of these pests and enjoy more peaceful nights with the help of professional bed bug services.

That’s why if you’re looking for a bed bug exterminator in PA, MD, DE, & NJ, then you’ve come to the right place. At Go Green Lawn and Pest Control, we’re dedicated to providing expert bed bug prevention services so that you won’t have to worry about these six-legged pests disrupting your sleep.

Homeowners who need a skilled exterminator can always entrust our team with the job. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control serves numerous locations throughout the East Coast so that our customers will have access to a reliable extermination service. Our bed bug inspectors and exterminators provide services in regions across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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We'll Quickly Kill Bed Bugs in Your Home

Nobody wants to deal with a bed bug infestation — which is why it’s best to have them take care of as soon as possible. As a top bed bug exterminator in PA, MD, DE, & NJ, homeowners can trust us to efficiently kill bed bugs even if they’ve spread throughout your home.

Our team knows how to perform thorough bed bug inspections so that no corner of a house goes unchecked. Afterward, we’ll utilize our knowledge of pest control and high-quality equipment and products to quickly carry out your bed bug extermination. With the assistance of our professional bed bug control services, you can have peace of mind knowing that these blood-feeding pests will be completely eradicated from your home by industry experts.

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Signs You Need Bed Bug Treatment

Homeowners may not know they need a bed bug extermination service until it’s too late. Bed bugs are nocturnal, meaning that they’re active at night and not often seen during the daytime. However, there are several signs that indicate their presence and will let you know it’s time to schedule a bed bug treatment. If you suspect there’s a bed bug infestation in your home, keep an eye out for the following clues and call our bed bug exterminator in PA, MD, DE & NJ for assistance:

Spots of Blood

If you see blood spots on your bed sheets or mattress, it’s a major sign of bed bugs. These spots can be leftover from their feeding, as their saliva has an anticoagulant that prevents blood from clotting as they feed. However, these spots can also happen when you crush them in your sleep after they’ve fed.

Bite Marks

Bed bug bite marks appear similar to mosquito and other insect bites. They can take several days to appear and commonly look like small inflamed areas on your skin. Sometimes they appear in patterns, whether in a line or zigzagged.

Small Black Dots

These black dots are bed bug droppings. You will usually find them in the areas they tend to gather, like the seams of your mattress.


Shed Skin

Bed bugs leave behind their exoskeleton as a husk when shedding, which they’ll do several times throughout their lifespan. Bed bug shells can be identified because of their hollowness and translucence.

Unusual Odors

Strange smells can be a sign of bed bugs, which are caused by their pheromones. These musty odors have been described as smelling like cilantro and coriander. However, when you have an infestation, their shedded skin, droppings, and other leftovers can create a foul-smelling rusty scent.


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The Importance of Permanent Bed Bug Prevention Services

If you notice there are bed bugs in your home, then it’s important to take action as soon as you can. Bed bugs will infest your entire house and stow away in more than just mattresses — the space behind wallpaper, the area between the floorboards, and cracks in your home foundation are all potential bed bug hiding places.

In addition to infesting just about every part of a residence, they can survive around a year without a blood feed, meaning they won’t go away easily on their own. As a result, it’s best to call a professional bed bug inspector to check every room of your house and not just the bedroom. 

While a few bed bugs might not seem like much of a big deal at first, it can escalate into a much bigger problem when left unchecked. They can lay up to 300 eggs over a two-month period, which means that homeowners ought to call bed bug control services as soon as possible to prevent their population from getting out of control.

Bed bugs can cause a number of annoyances and health issues. Although their biting primarily causes itching, it can eventually lead to a bacterial skin infection if a bitten person scratches their skin too hard. Further, being bitten by a bed bug can make it more difficult to sleep peacefully at night, resulting in sleep deprivation and even anxiety. However, some individuals may experience a serious allergic reaction to a bed bug bite and develop blisters and more severe itching.

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When You Need a Bed Bugs Exterminator in PA, MD, DE, & NJ Call Us Today

Anytime you need a professional bed bug inspection and extermination, you’ll know who to call. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control is happy to help residents of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware with all their bed bug needs so that nobody has to worry about uncomfortable itching and scratching in the middle of the night.

If you have any questions about our bed bug exterminators in PA, MD, DE, & NJ, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information and to schedule your appointment.

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