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Get 4 Free Lawn Care Treatments from the Green Experts

Are you tired of spending your weekends doing yard work? Hassle no more with Go Green Lawn and Pest Control by your side! You can get the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of -- and you’ll receive it without harming the environment. 


Lawn Care in Pennsylvania & Northern Delaware


Since the time our company was founded, we have been dedicated to preserving our community through organic based treatments while providing much-needed, hassle-free lawn care services to families in southern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. With Go Green Lawn and Pest Control by your side, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are being treated with eco-friendly products and reap the benefits of a healthy lawn.

Lawn Care Program

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Our Lawn Care Program is here to counter any of the problems your lawn faces throughout the year. This eco-friendly solution uses fertilizer that is healthy for both your family and the environment.

Ensuring Sustainability Each Season of the Year

Lawn care is an ongoing, high-maintenance responsibility. Lawns require certain treatments and care based on the season. Proper, high-quality care of a lawn throughout the entire year is necessary to keep it thriving and healthy no matter what the season. Let Go Green take this responsibility off your hands for good with lawn services that include: 

  • Monthly treatment applications specific to the season
  • Exclusive use of Holganix, an eco-friendly fertilizer
  • Botanical-based weed control to control broadleaf weeds
  • Biological insecticides to prevent lawn diseases from pests


Stimulate Roots with Holganix Lawn Fertilizer

Your lawn’s health and preservation depends greatly on the suppression of weed growth. Weeds essentially choke the life out of your lawn by crowding roots of wanted vegetation -- which often interferes with your grass's access to water, sun, and nutrients. Check out our blog on Tips to Killing Large Areas of WeedsWe use eco-friendly Holganix fertilizer - which is the best combination of nutrient provider and lawn protector. This green line of products is cutting edge and sure to give you the organic based care your lawn craves. With our complete elimination of weeds and stimulation of a strong root system, your lawn will be able to thrive all year long.

Fertilizer & Nutrient Application

Every lawn needs to be fertilized – or fed – with essential nutrients, not with buckets of harmful synthetic products. Our Go Green fertilization plan utilizes Holganix, an organic biostimulant that works naturally to help nutrient uptake. Check out our blogs on How to grow a Lush Garden From Eggshells and The Pros and Cons of Pest Control! When you make the switch to organic lawn care, you will be trading gallons of nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals for just teaspoons with our hybrid approach. We care for your lawn with timely, organic treatments throughout the year that will not harm the environment.

Beat Delaware Valley Weeds

Weeds can affect the health of your lawn, crowding out deep root growth and interfering with water, sun, and nutrient intake. The Holganix fertilizer approach supports the best weed defense by creating a deep, web-like root system. But even the healthiest of lawns come under attack. We keep weeds at bay with timely pre and post-emergent biological treatments. These will not only work to eliminate your existing weeds but will also stop initial germination of weeds.

Healthy Turf, Root-to-Blade

We know the best resistance to weeds, grubs, and disease is healthy turf, root-to-blade. We transform your lawn through natural biostimulants and eco-friendly lawn fertilization services so weeds, grubs, and diseases don't stand a chance. Our hybrid program consists of year-round treatments that employ weed, disease, and grub control as needed to keep interference at bay as we transform your turf!

Get 4 FREE Lawn Care Services

Go Green Lawn and Pest Control is happy to offer four free lawn care services when you sign up for our lawn care package. Call us at 610-285-7057 to learn more about this incredible deal!


Areas We Service in Pennsylvania & Northern Delaware

Our company is dedicated to sustaining a healthy environment and preserving the beauty of our community. We proudly service Delaware, Montgomery, New Castle, Lancaster, Bucks, and Chester County residents living in all of the following areas:

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Save our planet and preserve your community with the best lawn care around!

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