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How to Get Rid of Ticks in Your Yard Organically

At Go Green Lawn Services, we offer lawn treatments for ticks to help residents of Newtown, PA, and the surrounding areas protect their property, their family members and pets from disease-carrying parasites. 

If you’re wondering what home remedy you can use to kill ticks, here are a few ideas for ridding your yard of ticks organically.


You can keep ticks out of your yard by building a barrier out of gravel or wood chips between your lawn and wooded areas. Paired with proper lawn maintenance, such as clearing away excess long grass or fallen leaves and branches throughout the area, this barrier will restrict the entry of ticks, which cannot fly or jump. Ticks rely on hosts — often animals or plant life — to travel from place to place.


One way to exterminate ticks is to spray your yard with beneficial nematodes, which are tiny roundworms that can be found in soil and carry bacteria that’s infectious to ticks and tick larvae. Once the bacteria is released from the roundworm into another insect, it can take as little as 24 hours to kill that insect. 


If “beneficial nematodes” wasn’t a big enough vocabulary term for you, try this one: diatomaceous earth. This fine powder is made from ground-up sedimentary rock and is an extremely effective natural form of pest control, used to kill ticks, fleas, ants and even bed bugs by dehydrating them. Ward off ticks by sprinkling diatomaceous earth in your yard under dry conditions, making sure to reapply after it rains. 


If you’ve always wanted a pet duck or to build a chicken coop in your yard, here’s some extra incentive: Ducks, chickens and other types of ground-feeding birds are tick predators! 

Don’t worry, though; if you’d rather not add any more members to your family, winged or otherwise. You can always call Go Green Lawn Services to inquire about our tick and flea treatments for yards in Newtown, PA, and the surrounding communities. Our organic lawn care experts know how to employ natural insect remedies to help you and your family get maximum enjoyment out of “tick season” this year.

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