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Get the Best Eco-Friendly Lawn Care in Doylestown

Nothing beats spending time outdoors with your family; but in a busy day and age, it can be hard to find time to relax with your loved ones. With our lawn care in Doylestown, we're happy to take lawn care chores off your plate.

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Natural Products

Quick-fix, man-made materials can hurt the environment and damage your soil. Here at Go Green, we utilize natural products that will give your lawn the best results.

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No Contracts

When you partner with Go Green, you are not locked into a contract. You’ll want to work with us not out of necessity, but because of the results we deliver!

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Free Re-Treatments

We do our best to satisfy every customer, but if we miss the mark and problems persist, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.


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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care in Doylestown

When you choose to invest in eco-friendly lawn care solutions, you are choosing products and techniques that will make your lawn greener and safer. In addition to the relief, you will feel knowing your lawn is a healthier place for your children and pets to play, you will also love how great things look after one of our lawn care treatments!

Our eco-friendly lawn care services in Doylestown include:

  • Quarterly treatments, customized to your lawn's specific issues and the season.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Botanical-based weed control.
  • Insecticides based on science and research to prevent lawn diseases and pests.


Lawn Fertilization in Doylestown

Your lawn deserves the best care so stop trying to DIY weed control, check out our Tips for Killing Larger Areas of Weeds! When you sign up for eco-friendly lawn care in Doylestown, you get the meticulous attention you deserve. Our lawn fertilization includes highly effective eco-friendly products. In fact, with our lawn care services, your yard may just become the envy of all your neighbors!

With our fertilization services, your lawn will:

  • Prevent weeds from growing.
  • Appear greener year-round.
  • Become stronger and healthier.
  • Be more prepared to fight off lawn diseases, fungi, and pests. 

Grub Prevention for a Healthy Lawn

At Go Green, our philosophy is that the best treatment is prevention. Our reduced-risk insecticides are designed to target grubs and insects that are not only detrimental to the health of your lawn but also present risks to your loved ones. By preventing the problem before it starts, our insect control applications ensure that you will be able to enjoy your yard in the warm spring and summer months without worry.​

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Lawn Aeration in Doylestown

Over time, your lawn becomes compacted—that means your yard can't soak up the nutrients it needs to grow and fight off diseases and pests. To ensure this doesn't happen, contact Go Green for our lawn aeration in Doylestown! Aeration is one of the most important parts of our lawn care service because it helps deliver the nutrients your lawn needs in order to thrive.

Core Aeration to Promote Grass Growth

Core aeration is the process of creating plugs in your lawn in order to remove thatch build-up, and it's is completed in conjunction with our overseeding services, which will promote grass growth. It's imperative to contact Go Green for professional aeration services as our lawn technicians are trained in the proper techniques and equipment in order to make sure there is no nutrient loss. 

When you sign up for our lawn aeration in Doylestown, your lawn will be able to:

  • Properly take in nutrients, water, and sunlight.
  • Grow to its fullest potential (no pun intended!).
  • Prepare for a healthy, dormant winter.

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Tree Service in Doylestown

Each season, the changing weather patterns bring a variety of threats to your yard, including insects, diseases, and different nutritional needs. At Go Green, our tree and shrub care experts know the best methods to take care of ornamentals in the fickle Pennsylvania climate. Our tree service in Doylestown begins with an assessment of your yard to identify risks and then target those areas from month to month–all scheduled around your needs. Watch as we exceed your expectations!

Year-Round Tree Service for the Best Results

At Go Green, we make tree service easy. With our reliable services, you can trust that your investment is well taken care of. From our first visit to our follow-up services throughout the entire year, our all-in-one shrub care and tree service in Doylestown provides:

  • The right combination of nutrients to stimulate root growth
  • Insect control to eliminate infestations
  • Disease-fighting fungal protection 

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Get the Backyard You've Always Dreamed Of—Guaranteed!

Break out your lawn chairs and gather the friends and family. Our friendly, professional lawn technicians work hard to give you greener pastures. Our eco-friendly lawn care in Doylestown will give you the backyard you’ve always dreamed of, so you can sit back and enjoy it. If you sign up today, we'll give you four free services. Even better, all of our lawn care services in Doylestown are backed by a free re-treatment guarantee, meaning we'll come back at no additional charge if you're not happy. If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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